In reaction to some ongoing discussion group drama, we have decided to take a moderator action to make some groups private, so the discussions do not bleed into the general feed. We are not locking down memberships, or any content, but do want to add another layer between the groups and the main site, as well as moderation when we see issues. 

This is not necessarily a permanent change, and if you notice a group you are in is affected and wish to petition for us to revert its status, please feel free to reach out to me or to Sir, and we'll discuss. 

Many thanks, 

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Hi, I didn't see a way to report this, but this account looks like a spambot to me; seems to be spamming the Blogs section with links to some Asian shoe store:

Thank you. I have suspended the account. 

In the future, you can always reach out to either me, or to Sir, or you can use the report link buried in the footer (the stylesheet makes it nearly invisible, but its one of three links in the bottom right of the page, along with the TOC and List views. 

Link here:


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"I wouldn't call it "bizarre", though I think 'shared interests' can be over-emphasized. Shared values are far more important.  Shared goals.  Friendship ... which is different from merely liking the same…"
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"Welcome, Kochak"
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""To me this just seems... weird, and doesn't seem to jive with history; romantic relationships to me are primarily about attraction and love, and the specific 'activities' you do together aren't really that important,…"
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A place to share, discuss, and generally enjoy classical music of all kinds.
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"And plenty of Catholics who wouldn't care either way, regardless of who the Pope was."
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Catholic Men

A place for Catholic men to discuss issues they face in the light of their faith.
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"I understand what you're saying. But, in a capitalist society, the potential for profit (rather than the overall greater good) is one of the few ways to motivate people to actually innovate, discover and develop anything of value. If you take…"
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