In reaction to some ongoing discussion group drama, we have decided to take a moderator action to make some groups private, so the discussions do not bleed into the general feed. We are not locking down memberships, or any content, but do want to add another layer between the groups and the main site, as well as moderation when we see issues. 

This is not necessarily a permanent change, and if you notice a group you are in is affected and wish to petition for us to revert its status, please feel free to reach out to me or to Sir, and we'll discuss. 

Many thanks, 

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Why the bump?

Someone in chat had mentioned just hearing about it, not from this post. Thus I figured there would be others. Also this discussion got buried very quickly when it has relevant info.

All we need to bump/Gotta have some bump

(I've since heard that this is a misheard lyric -- it was funk, not bump.  But people were doing this at the same time there was a dance called the Bump.  So be it.)

But we want the funk.......

You call yourself Sir? Kinda pompous don't yah think?

How dare I?  I should be lashed into humility.

I agree, though I will note that this site has gone downhill over the past year or so.
Though they could be a little more hands-off in my opinion, having a couple moderators has cut down on worthless flame wars. I like that we now have mods (I'll PM you an address for that check, Sir.), and don't think that is necessarily what has caused the decline in active members/quality of contributions. I think the main cause may be this election. I don't want it to end, but it does tend to bring out the worst in everybody. Things will probably get more normal come the holidays. And it also might seem more barren because at one point half the activity here was generated ultimately by trolls. Some more than others. We've been sifted, and mostly for the better.

But yeah, we need to let the groups back in the news feed. Compartmentalizing to that degree is already starting to kill us. Didn't someone mention that in a previous thread, about having so many groups? Anyway, I don't think groups are a problem if they're mostly public. As it was until recently.

Just my 2¢.

I expect you to follow through on that check, PH.

Wearing the moderator hat:  I don't have to do, well, anything, with the Shirtless Man.  So far I've had to deal with spammers; a few new members who wanted to post porn; 1 problem poster in Christian Men (Gnostic Bishop); an occasional warning in chat; and the rest has been in TGD.  It's more trouble than everything else combined.

The people at General Announcement say that is going to have a conference soon. They didn't give a specific date for the conference.
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Now, wearing a member hat and speaking for myself only:  I don't like AoM being taken over by TGD flame wars.  We've lost, temporarily or permanently, some good members because of TGD, and I don't think the world needs yet another political discussion board so much we need to pay that price.  My guess is that Brett sees TGD as valuable because we can say, Move this to TGD, and thus take political flame wars off the main forum.

I'm relieved that TGD is no longer able to do the reverse Midas touch on the rest of the board, and, given what generates TGD traffic, having that traffic drop is fine by me.  Let's generate it by something other than flame wars.


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