Hi Everyone

I'm a second year university student and this semester I've been getting more commitments than I've previously had and I'm finding it difficult to get clarity on what needs doing, how to organize my time etc.

What do you guys do to get clarity on what needs to be done? how do you organize you're time?

any insight would be much appreciated as this is starting to drain me.

Thanks in advance!

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Day job is project management, so "keeping things straight" is pretty much what I get paid do.  For the most part, I end up using Outlook's calendar functionality; however, that's stuck with the PC.

For personal/family things (parties, dinner, date, etc), barring a paper invite, I will either jot a note in my phone's calendar, or will write myself a note on paper and then add it to the calendar hanging on the wall at home (and to the phone).  

Not that I always refer back to the calendars -- writing it down is usually sufficient to keep the thing at the front of my mind. Oh, and RSVP ... don't forget that.

The main thing is setting priorities. Not everything can be of the utmost importance. Set aside reserved time for your top five and pencil in everything else around that. I'm a senior SAN engineer for a large defense contractor, and I have four daughters. I manage a large budget and maintain a ton of stats. Time management can become hectic. You can get lost if you're not careful. Make sure you have a small (20 minutes or so) time each day to meditate and gather your thoughts. Once a week make that a little longer. Remember to work with a purpose and keep that goal in mind with each task. People notice purpose-driven individuals; it shows.


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