Hey everyone! I'm going into college this fall for my first semester and I'm having trouble find a roommate that has similar values. Any advice for a newbie on this topic?

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What are those values?

Does the college have a survey they ask of incoming residential freshmen?  What's on it?

First semester? Values? What? Are you moving into a residence or renting an apt? What values are you trying to match? Beyond whether you both smoke I don't see what matters

Moving into a residence and trying to find someone like you'd find on here. Honest, Hard-Working and Moral are the main values I'm trying to find. College provides a service on Facebook but it is more about lifestyle and neatness not what kind of person they are. I was just hoping to find someone I really mix with.

My university asked me a basic question or two (did I smoke, did I want to be on a co-ed res). I ended up on an all-male res (24 guys) and had a fellow frosh (first yr) who also didn't smoke as a roommate. We were very different and yet 22 yrs later are still friends.

It's a roommate not a wife. Don't overthink the moral stuff. People can claim they're all sorts yet are very different when you live with them. University is the chance to try new experiences, get out of your comfort zone.

Since you're looking for something that the college doesn't have on its intro survey, you'll have to do it yourself, and you can't do it with no information.  So you'll have to wait till you're there.

When you get there, if you don't like your roommate assignment, you and someone you do like can request a room together.  I'm not sure how long before that's practicable, but Residence Life will know. 

The first year is usually by chance. You'll just have to hope it works out. The following years are easier. If anything there are too many people who want to room with you the following years and you'll just have to break a few hearts. 


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