So i have this  stuff called Wolfthorn from Old Spice,and it smells amazing!  It is the best scent I have tried by far.  It's sort of  citrus smell, but with a hint of the classic musk smell to it.  It sticks with you, too.  What is your favorite fragrance and what is it like?

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Anyone a fan of Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior? You cant find it as much these days but its always classic.

Yes, I remember Eau Sauvage very well.  I wore it in my 20s and early 30s when I went out on dates.  There was also Monsieur de Givenchy which was lighter and nice for the summer weather (reminded me of a gin and tonic), that's also hard to find these days.    

I liked the old, original Escada. Now my stash has run out and it is not made any more. I am searching for a new scent.  I received a trial box containing all four of the Varvetos (sp?) and I can't stand any of them. Santos was recommended but was warned it is pricy.

Since so many here have suggested pipe tobacco, leather, and cognac, you'd think someone would bottle it as it appears there's money to be made.

I'm always surprised by how many men tell me they do not wear fragrances, opting instead for body sprays and deodorant. "My girlfriend loves it," they tell me. The problem with that is they're so common, these body sprays and deodorants, and one's sense of smell is so closely related to their memory recollection that while your girlfriend may love the scent of your body spray, you may also be reminding her of an ex boyfriend, albeit unintentionally of course.

In my opinion, when a young man reaches his twenties, it's time to quit using deodorants for fragrances.

A man should pick out a few different fragrances, wear them appropriately, and rotate them accordingly.

For me, I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to fragrances, so I like to have a lot of different ones, but I do find that having one very light, citrusy fragrance (think Armani's 'Acqua di Gio,' Kenneth Cole's 'Reaction,' or Nautica's 'Voyage') and one heavier, spicier fragrance (think Armani's 'Code,' Calvin Klein's 'Euphoria' or John Varvatos 'Vintage') is essential.
I've never been a big scent guy, but Brut is all I'll ever need. I don't understand the need for expensive colognes when Brut smells awesome.
As has been suggested & explored by some members, I am also a firm believer that a fragrance should not "announce" your arrival and it definitely should not linger once you've left. Having said that, I've jumped around many fragrances for years, but have recently settled on 2 very good ones (in my opinion at least): Armani Code & Armani Eau de Nuit (as a daily). Neither one is overpowering (unless you douse yourself with them), but leaves subtle hints every now and then that it's still there.

I also use Armani Code deodorant and couldn't be more happy with it. Great smell and it counteracts against any trace of sweat or perspiration (I do use it twice a day - before bed [which is right after my shower] & first thing in the morning - so that I get full effects of the deodorant). It has a lasting smell that gets better as the day progresses I'd say.

When it comes daily to aftershaves I like the Gillette lotion and Old Spice original scents. Cologne is a whole other deal. I think a man should only use it light and sparingly for special occasions. For a movie or date with the wife I like the Adidas Moves or the Davidoff Coolwater. There is a bottle of stetson in the medicine cabinet but I have not tried it yet.

Everyday wear: Clubman, Clubman Musk, Clubman Bay Rum, Original Old Spice. I pick what I feel that day.

For more formal occasions: Coach Leatherware.

I've gotten to really like Old Spice.

One more: Proraso shaving cream.

I like many but must admit the one that I like most of all at the moment is CK Shock for Men. It has an unusual mix of notes of clementine, black pepper and cashmeran musk.

A manly combination without a doubt. Another good reason I like it too... the ladies seem to appreciate this on me and I've had an unusually high number of successful dates over the past few months. Reason enough I think you'll agree.


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