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Interesting, thanks. I am going to wait until I get a little better and then download some podcasts in Portuguese etc.

Acorns is a pretty good piggy bank.

Pocket for saving web-based articles.  Feedly is a decent newsfeed.  Evernote for a mobile 'Field Notes' app.  Overcast for Podcasts.  iHeartRadio for radio.  Noisli for ambient noise.  EveryDollar for budget tracking.  Outlook for reminders.  f.lux for nighttime light reduction on my laptop.

I don't listen to much music, so never needed a music app.  I use pen-and-paper for planning, calendar, and to-do lists.


Facebook, instagram, Shazam

Favorite Apps


YouVersion Bible - I prefer a physical bible to a digital one, but I use this in places where I want to be discrete about reading the bible.

Calm - Meditation is something that I do throughout the day. I haven’t really gotten in the practice of doing it at a set time each day for a set number of minutes. This app has some

Great guided meditations on it, but I prefer just to do Timed or Open-Ended Meditation to nature sounds on the app. Sometimes they have free weekends (I don’t pay for the full app) where you can experience all of the programs.

CamScanner - for digitizing paper documents

Evernote - I use this mainly as a place to store Usernames/Passwords, Codes, etc.

Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat - Listed in order of how much I use each.

RockClock - Probably the best alarm app I’ve ever used.

Waze - Even though it is glitchy right now, this is my go to for GPS


Extensions (I had these installed through Chrome to help me with online classes)

Grammarly - A Spelling and Grammar check app for the net

Strict Workflow - A Pomodoro App that blocks social networking and YouTube for a set number of minutes so you can focus on work.

F.lux - Dims the screen when you are working on your computer past sunset. I’ve heard that the glow of screens can interrupt sleep. They have an app for Android called Easy Eyes that does the same thing.



YouTube, Twitter, Facebook - I’m a bit of a junkie for Social Networking and YouTube

Gmail/Outlook/Google Docs & Drive - Personal Email, Work Email, I use Docs and Drive a lot because I don’t have Office on my desktop.

Other than that I read a lot of online articles (trying to work towards reading more books instead of junk on the internet), Listening to Podcasts and or Music from Spotify.



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