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My favorite App is Audible or Pandora Radio.

My favorite website is probably Reddit.

news feed eradicator for facebook. stops the scrolling 

Mint is a really great app to track your personal finances.

4chan, Crunchyroll, TV Tropes, Orion's Arm, ect

Ghostery (ad block, and other goodness)
dapulse (project and timemanagement)
momentum (dashboard, to do list, etc.)

Apps (android but most are probably iOS, I can't be bothered to check):

Stash Invest + Coinbase (online investment from my phone)
Mindfullness (guided meditation - helps with family meditation)
Torque (bluetooth OBDII car diagnostic and live monitoring - making my car run better)
Signal (secure communications)

I'd really like to try one of the investment apps. I've been reluctant to do so because there are several. How long have you used the Mindfullness app for? What do you like about it?

Mindfullness - only about a month or so. Things I liked:

1: it was relatively unobtrustive. Some of the other apps send relentless notices (hint: making my phone constantly vibrate to remind me it's time to meditate does not calm me down). 

2: It included a lot in the free app - many of the others were pretty bare bones until you bought add on packs. I have not felt compelled to "upgrade" any part of it yet. I also like that it includes a lot of flexibility. Either simple timers, or ambient noise, to guided meditation in different time frames. Only have 5 minutes? no problem. Want more time? no problem. Etc.

Sites: Here, of course. Facebook is sort of a staple for keeping up with kith and kin, and generally dicking around. Discord is great for creating private chat/voice servers. Protonmail is a little more secure/private than Gmail or whatnot, and it's very easy to navigate. is the Christian version of the Onion. will eventually overtake Twitter I reckon, and Shane can't get in so that's a plus.

Apps: Shazam if you don't have iOS and you need help identifying a song. TuneIn is a good app that streams actual radio stations; I use it to listen to WUOT in Knoxville. Old World Tunes is a Fallout-themed music app that is constantly improving. Great if you're a fan of the series, or if you simply like good music. Bible Gateway has an app that's pretty good if you don't have a Bible handy or are looking for a particular translation, commentary, etc.

Duolingo to learn languages

Memrise to enhance language learning after finishing a Duolingo course

Any Video Converter (that's its actual name) to convert a file from any video format to any video or audio format -- excellent to convert stuff you DLed from YouTube

Spotify for music - I know it's cliché but it's very thorough; I'm into some pretty obscure, niche stuff and it's very rare that I can't find it on Spotify

the Vice app for Android is a really nice way to have a centralized place to check out ALL of the content being put out by ALL of the media outlets and formats that are part of the big Vice family

Agreed on Spotify. Sometimes they disappoint me, but usually they have whatever obscure music I'm looking for. Only problem is how annoying and intrusive their ads are. I mute every time. Not in the habit of paying for something I can get for free.

How well do you find you can speak/read/understand a language after Duolingo? I am a little bit into learning Portuguese and enjoying it but not sure how good it is.

"How well do you find you can speak/read/understand a language after Duolingo? I am a little bit into learning Portuguese and enjoying it but not sure how good it is."

Duolingo and Memrise made me pretty good at reading basic Swedish but not great at understanding it when it is spoken nor great at responding when spoken to. The key, IMO, is finding speakers of your target language with whom you can practice.


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