Do women like sweatervest?

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Don't know.  I can't see why.  Look kind of precious to me.

women like precious things right?

Sure!  And if you want her to envy your clothes, go for it.  Don't forget the strand of pearls!

Ask a woman.

They do. Wear it with jean shorts (here's a secret, girls like jean shorts cut high enough that a ball pops out when you sit down) and some shorty boots and even this gay boy will be saying; "Va Va Voom Baby!"  


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"A fair shake."
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"It depends on genetics. Globally over the world you will see big differences in how much whiskers men can grow. Some naturally can not grow any; men on the Comoros Islands do not shave because there's nothing to shave. They're naturally…"
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"Investing in yourself is always a good idea. Do take heed of the debt situation. "Read money is the king's command" (old saying)"
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"Cool. Luck to you."
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