I have just gone through my closet and storage boxes.  I find all the pants (Dockers), all the shirts (Golf style), all the misc. items that have been the core of my fashion sense are (1) out of style or (2) no longer fit.  The only items I am pleased with are a few pair of Wrangler jeans, a couple of casual shirs, etc...  I believe at one time I was stylish.  I don't know how or when I lost it.  But-- WHERE DOES A RETIRED MAN OVER THE AGE OF 60 REGAIN A SENSE OF STYLE?

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An uncle of mine does just fine with short-sleeved western shirts (the old style with the mother of pearl snaps, Levis and cowboy boots.  Topped off with a "CAT hat".

After 60 it should definitely be style, not fashion, that informs your dressing.

So wear what you want, and be confident, and everyone will just assume you know better than they do. Seriously.

don't know many under 60's who could rock this.


Dockers and polo shirts?  First off, you were never stylish.  Neat, yes.  Clean, yes.  Put together, yes.  But stylish?  Naaaah.


Wrangler jeans are an absolute classic.  I wear them, almost every day, with cowboy boots.  But then, I live in rural Texas...this is practically our uniform, in this area, and it works well.  And, for those of you who like to pick, no I'm not a cowboy, I'm a computer tech...but many of my clients live on ranches, are working cowboys, farmers, etc.  Showing up "well dressed" in khakis and a blazer would be off-putting.  A Carhartt jacket, on the other hand, is familiar and comfortable.


I do not believe that a man of 60 will ever "regain" a sense of style.  Now, don't read more into what I wrote, than is actually there.  Focus on the word regain.  You had style, so you still have style.  You don't re-gain it, you just re-establish those atrophied muscles.


You are dissatisfied with your current look.  OK, that's the first step.  Next step is to identify what you want...what do you find lacking, and what you want to do about it?


Do you have a personal style?  Coco Chanel said it best.  "Fashion is fleeting, style is forever."

This from the woman responsible for spray tanning.... ;)


I know this is an old thread but having just turned 60 I'd like to put my two cents in. I say wear what you feel comfortable wearing. The fact is no matter what you wear that will be your style and that's all that matters. There is no sense in trying to keep up with what's in style or in fashion. That is for those much younger and have more money to spend on clothes they won't be wearing in a couple of years (if not that long). Sounds like to me you already have a sense of style and as I said that's your style. No point in trying to chase trends or fashion.

I'm two years away from retirement and recently I decided to begin wearing more casual clothes and things I like. My job expects me to be dressed up but I took the phrase 'dressed up' to a different meaning. I now wear Wrangler jeans, khaki's, casual fabric long and short-sleeve shirts, and a cap. A lot of my clothes now come from Carhardt or from Farming Supply stores; you can great casual clothes there that are much more sturdy than big box store clothes. I bought a cowboy hat, and casual coats. I also grew a short, well-trimmed beard. I also lost about 80 lbs. I like my new look; am presentable in all occasions, and feel when I go out that I look like 'the real me'.....and I am much more confident.

I am 60 and find most of the clothes in the Men's department don't actually fit me. I have been shopping in the Young Men's department for clothes that actually fit. Mind you, I am no Adonnis, just a guy who is moderately healthy. Society expects old men to be fat.

Try things on that you think are too young for you in front of a mirror at the store. Some will look ridiculous; some have a lousy fit. Some will make you look amazing. Grab the latter. I teach high school, and 17 year olds were asking me where I buy my shirts. 

Very curious about those shirts.  What style, or why were they amazing?

Marc Anthony and Rock and Republic shirts from Kohl's department store.

They weren't blousey shirts for men with a big belly. Just a little bit of tailoring made all the difference. I have a hard time finding pants that don't hang off my ass as well.

So you took them to a tailor?


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