Hey Guys!!!! It's been a while since I've been on here, but I decided to come back for a little advice... My mother's current husband has been my step father since I was around 2 years old. We have never gotten along till a few years ago since I started attending college and haven't been around the house as much. In the last year he's started to hug me and be very helpful which I just assumed was because he felt bad for being an ass hole and never spending any time or effort on me while I was growing up. 

However a few days ago before I left back to college, which is about an hour away from home, he pulled me in and kissed me on my neck before I left. First off we are the opposite of a physical family. My mom doesn't even kiss me. He has also never kissed me as long as I can remember. Lastly it was not just a peck... He was brushing his lips on my skin and it left a wet spot. I didn't say anything afterwards; I just got in my car and left.

The next day I sent him a message and asked him not to do it again because it made me feel uncomfortable. He never answered back and I feel uncomfortable going home now, but it's pretty difficult to avoid since I'm helping me sister get ready for her wedding that is only in a few weeks. It's also definitely worth noting that I'm not a minor. I'm 20 years old, but he doesn't have a job because he is retired so he is always home. If I go home he is definitely always going to be there. I also don't know if I should tell my mom. I don't want to ruin their already extremely rocky relationship because my little brother is autistic and I don't think that he would understand.

What do you think that I should do? 

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Either that or date a bouncer with a cool name. Like "T-pain".

lol yeah I'm a chick sorry 

I think Dallas has it right in both posts.  

Also, OC spray just in case.

God I hope not. The only other people are my older sister and she literally moved out because they hated each other so much. The other is my little brother who is autistic and I don't think that he'd understand what I'm asking. 

Hi Shannon,

 Do you have an "Update " for us? How is everything working out with your Step-Father?

Also he's a pastor so I don't think that he would try anything with a boy.... I mean I hope not, but I didn't expect this to happen either. 

Eh, it seems he already committed adultery in his heart.

So tell him to stop reading the bible?

In all seriousness Shannon, send Him another message "Did You get my message about my being uncomfortable with your actions? I need a reply, so we wont have any tension between us. If He doesn't answer again, confront Him in a non threatening manner. "Perhaps You didn't receive my messages, but I get VERY uncomfortable when you "Kiss" Me on the cheek." I'm sure you meant no offense, but please stop. If He doesn't stop, "Call Him out in front of everyone. Give Him a chance to "Atone" for His actions. If He doesn't, "Call Him out in front of everyone"

It was my neck, but I see what your saying. 

Better start packing heat I guess


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