I just read an article in Architectural Record: http://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/11749-architects-propos... .  The article points out the the regulations put forth by the International Code Council says that "where plumbing fixtures are required, separate facilities shall be provided for each sex".  It looks like the LGBT community have now gotten involved in our building and plumbing codes. 

The article goes on to say that "Advocates are proposing changes to the plumbing to code to make modifications (for gender-neutral restrooms) easier.  Last year the AIA (American Institute of Architects) successfully introduced a change to the ICC that would allow the specification of single-user restrooms to satisfy all of a building's required toilet facilities in lieu of separate-sex restrooms.  This will be implemented as part of the 2018 International Plumbing Code.

I wonder what this means for us men?  Will they be taking our urinals away from us?  Will Urinals become obsolete?  Is this another ploy by liberal women and the LGBT community to strip our manliness and make all men sit on a toilet?  Just how far will this go?

Architects Propose Design Solutions for Equitable Restrooms

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Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

What's the actual problem?

Depending upon the definition of "each sex," you could wind up with a huge number of required separate sets of facilities.  If "sex" is legally defined as "gender identity" by local laws, the number of restrooms required could become unworkably large.

I leave the number of variations possibly need to the readers' imaginations.

There's your practicality problem the AIA is trying to address.  Right now, we're realistically looking at having at least four differently identified facilities in public structures (Men, Women, Unisex Family/Handicapped, Transgender).  

Fear not.  The pisser isn't disappearing.  It's just that nobody really wants to figure out if they need to spec in Transgender Male to Female, Transgender Female to Male, if gays and lesbians need separate "role within their gender identity" facilities, etc., etc., etc.

Only urinal type that is going to keep disappearing are the few remaining trough ones.

There are no varying definitions for "each sex". There are only two sexes. Even with sex chromosome abnormalities. If you have a Y chromosome, you are male sexed. If you have no Y chromosome, you are female sexed.

There are varying definitions of "each arm."

Ah gots muh left arm. An muh otter left arm.

But some people are amputees, and some people have birth defects. Thus arms are on a spectrum.

Depends, my friend.  Note I specified it depends on the law's definitions of gender and sex.  That's where you get the legal quibbling over whether "a gender identity" equals "a gender" and whether either or both equals "a sex;" and whether each defined sex requires separate facilities in commercial spaces.

It's essentially unnecessary arguments, generally caused by a complete lack of common sense on both (or any) sides of the question.  Biology says there are two sexes, except for the rare hermaphroditic and asexually reproducing creatures.

And, as I posted back during the FIRST go-round with this thread, a lot of small places have one unisex restroom.  Seems to serve everybody without a lot of hairsplitting and quibbling.

Are you sure you want to keep this?

I used a men's room this week that had two toilets and no urinals, I double-checked the door to make sure I hadn't made a mistake.

Hell I might have just pissed in the sink. LOL

To be honest, using a urinal isn't even that 'manly to begin' with - the only real manly way to take a piss is out in the woods or in the bushes.

If there's an impetus to spend time and energy removing urinals from existing buildings just to avoid offending some hypersensitive "transgender", even when statistics say that "true transgenders" if they exist are only 0.001% of the population at most, then that's a just an absurd little fad that hopefully is on its way out.

By the same logic, then people should just remove all existing toilets and replace them with "baby seats" to avoid 'offending' people with Dwarfism who aren't tall enough to sit on an 'adult toilet'.

Back in the days when the children were small, and I was checking out day care centers, I saw one that had a multiple toilet bathroom that looked exactly like a WWII era setup---for the Munchkin Army.


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