I just read an article in Architectural Record: http://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/11749-architects-propos... .  The article points out the the regulations put forth by the International Code Council says that "where plumbing fixtures are required, separate facilities shall be provided for each sex".  It looks like the LGBT community have now gotten involved in our building and plumbing codes. 

The article goes on to say that "Advocates are proposing changes to the plumbing to code to make modifications (for gender-neutral restrooms) easier.  Last year the AIA (American Institute of Architects) successfully introduced a change to the ICC that would allow the specification of single-user restrooms to satisfy all of a building's required toilet facilities in lieu of separate-sex restrooms.  This will be implemented as part of the 2018 International Plumbing Code.

I wonder what this means for us men?  Will they be taking our urinals away from us?  Will Urinals become obsolete?  Is this another ploy by liberal women and the LGBT community to strip our manliness and make all men sit on a toilet?  Just how far will this go?

Architects Propose Design Solutions for Equitable Restrooms

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Way too much peeing and moaning about toilets.   Any guy who's been at an arena concert knows the men's room becomes unisex during the evening.  For that matter, there are any number of small eateries (Think Starbucks) that have one unisex toilet facility.

"  Is this another ploy by liberal women and the LGBT community to strip our manliness and make all men sit on a toilet?"

Your manliness is tied to standing while peeing?  Really?  

You can't aim to hit the toilet? 

Personally I would it if restrooms that handled one person at a time where either gender.  Really its stupid to have a men's bathroom and a women's bathroom when its essentially the same room.


I largely agree with the consensus ... there's simply no way architectural design, public pressure, or legal decree is going to change the way I pee.  If I'm the last man standing, so be it.

And, like y'all said, urinals aren't really the line in the sand here, anyway.  Men can stand at urinals, toilets, bushes, trees, or anywhere.

That being said ... I think y'all are being a bit too rough on the OP.  Putting aside the tranny bathroom access debate, there is a generalized movement to both portray and encourage men to act more feminine.  It's everywhere.  There are frivolous examples, like Chris Hemsworth playing a ditzy, eye-candy secretary in the recent Ghostbroads movie ... or a new line of lacy 'lingerie for men' I just saw on Drudge this morning (http://nypost.com/2016/07/28/theyre-making-lingerie-for-dudes-now/).

And, a push to encourage men to sit to pee does exist, and not only in weird feminist covens.  Granted, it's mostly European at the moment ... but, most of this pseudofeminist horseshit starts out that way.







Notably ... all of those articles are written by men, and are on mainstream websites, not radical feminist henhouses.  They come at the idea from a bunch of angles -- parenting, health, sex life, equality, 'personal development' ... and a newspaper that calls sitting to pee 'gentlemanly'.

Apparently, it was even litigated in Germany, where a landlord sued for 'damage' caused by men standing ...


It's an insult in Germany ('sitzpinkler' is a term for an effeminate man).  It's on a party platform in Sweden ...


It appears this is a genuine issue, even if it's not a major one.


amen brother!

seems like the president wants to protect every Gender and life style.....Maybe when he is out of office...Someone in his family will come out of the closet!!!

You're very generous.

Haha, Ghostbroads, how did I miss that
If they didn't want creative sex-based re-naming, they shouldn't've given it the same name as the real Ghostbusters movie. I'm just differentiating in my own, openly hostile, way.


I guess my main irritation was that the AIA involved themselves in this issue; and the LGBT community thereby found an effective way to by-passed public/voter opinion and input.

Hey men! I can still design beautiful and manly unisex bathrooms in the residential industry. I will even put urinals in them for folks like Michael Martin upon request. And no AIA or plumbing code change will disagree.


I will never sit to pee for anyone, including my wife. I have used my penis long enough to know how to handle it, and aim in the right place. If I make a mess, which is rare, I'm man enough to clean up after myself. My grandson uses my bathroom when he's at our house and always stands, and always makes a mess. I spray Clorox cleaner on it, and clean it up in about 5 seconds, and he's learning to do the same. There are more important things in life to bitch about.

I like the convenience of a urinal in a public restroom. There are no doors or locks to touch. It takes a lot less time to use a urinal. When my wife and I are traveling and we both go in to pee, I'm always done way before her. It's because I don't have to wait for a stall, close and lock the door, clean off the seat, put paper on the seat, stand up and re tuck everything.

Think about this. The inside lock in a stall has been touched by everyone that has used that stall, before they washed there hands. I use paper to touch anything in a public restroom. 

From a business standpoint, it is ridiculous to have to spend money to redesign bathrooms when these status quo had been working fine for the vast majority for a long time.  

I'm amazed (or should that be amused?) this thread is still going.


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