I just read an article in Architectural Record: http://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/11749-architects-propos... .  The article points out the the regulations put forth by the International Code Council says that "where plumbing fixtures are required, separate facilities shall be provided for each sex".  It looks like the LGBT community have now gotten involved in our building and plumbing codes. 

The article goes on to say that "Advocates are proposing changes to the plumbing to code to make modifications (for gender-neutral restrooms) easier.  Last year the AIA (American Institute of Architects) successfully introduced a change to the ICC that would allow the specification of single-user restrooms to satisfy all of a building's required toilet facilities in lieu of separate-sex restrooms.  This will be implemented as part of the 2018 International Plumbing Code.

I wonder what this means for us men?  Will they be taking our urinals away from us?  Will Urinals become obsolete?  Is this another ploy by liberal women and the LGBT community to strip our manliness and make all men sit on a toilet?  Just how far will this go?

Architects Propose Design Solutions for Equitable Restrooms

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I was a janitor for several years, and cleaned both men's and women's restrooms in schools, businesses and public restrooms. Through all of my experience all those years, I learned a very important thing: it's a huge lie that women's restrooms are cleaner than men's.

In general, men just go in to use the restroom and get out. This results in very little time spent inside, and thus, little mess to clean up. The sink may have more dirt rings and spots around it, but that's about it.

In contrast, women spend A LOT of time in the restroom, doing makeup, chatting with their friends, taking care of their feminine needs, etc. And that creates more dirt and grime. Additionally, many women don't want to properly deal with their used feminine hygiene products. There are almost always special trash receptacles for such things, but I would often find the used products on the floor.

The mess is different between the two types, and is often more disgusting in women's restrooms. I recognize this won't always be the case, but generally, women's restrooms are in fact dirtier. Even as I type this, my wife agreed that this is pretty common. This has been my experience. I welcome anyone else to share contrary experiences.

You can stand at a toilet, you know. 

Not sure who will be more upset with the gender neutral washrooms. Men, who've lost their private urinals, or women who lost their private mirrors. Ever go in the girls washroom in school. I did once after they won a big game and we carried them in. Frig. What a mirror! We had a 2by2 sheet of polished metal but the girls had something out of a movie star's trailer.

Either way, is this even an issue. Millennials can't seem to use a urinal unless it has a freaking wall between it and the next one. Remembering pissing in a trough? Can't remember the last time I've seen one.

The last time I saw a trough urinal was at the Maryland State Fair Grounds.  (I guess they wanted to keep things "original" or something.)

?? Any body function that involves fluids/solids leaving the body I'd rather not see someone else do, period.
There is an ex-biker bar by us that still has the stainless trough, which is really fun to piss in, but they made the door lockable so anyone can do it alone. Separate-sex single use bathrooms seem to be on the way out, and it seems a good thing to me, and even better for ladies who seem to have to deal with lines more often.

I don't know anyone with a urinal at home.

The last time is saw a trough, was in an old bar, about 20 years ago. A ton of guys drunk as hell and pissing like there was no tomorrow. LOL Oh yea and I was one of them!

It was the talk of all my sons friends. LOL

Trough urinals are not that uncommon in small parks in the rural areas in the Midwest. I have been to bars where the trough was in the middle of the men's room and no dividers to be seen.

I have also been to public men's rooms in Europe where the attendant in the room is a woman. She collects the fee and is also responsible for replacing the soap, paper goods and cleaning. I have seen women cleaning while I was at the urinals. Guys were turning and buttoning up with the attendant in the room and I am confident she could see the privates of some of them. I was surprised the first time it happened but after that it was just routine.

Have only been to two true unisex restrooms, one in the US and one in Belgium, and both sexes were present at the same time. The one in the US had a urinal and several stalls. Again, nothing all that weird.

A modicum of decency, respect for the next person and understanding it is a basic biological need that everyone has; get on with it and get over it.

P.s. If I were building a new house, I too would strongly consider adding a urinal. Uses less water much easier to clean.

Well, gentlemen, the reason I originally brought this up was because I was angry. What business does a profession such as the American Institute of Architects have telling us how to change the way we have been designing and building buildings for generations? What business do they have jumping onto the political bandwagon?

All I see is this as another avenue for burley perverts to go into women's restrooms to traumatize my young daughters and other little girls and possible rape cases.

And I as a registered interior designer don't like it. But I will abide by the building codes set before me.

I'm so glad I'm in the oil and gas industry for the time being.

Part of their job as the AIA, is to provide guidance to their members as it relates to best practices. And part of best practices, is navigating a changing political landscape. Arming your membership with some tools to deal with things that are going to change one way or another, is part of their charter and purpose. 

Beyond that, architects themselves have always been telling us how to design and build buildings. We are free to ignore their suggestions, but they do not make them arbitrarily. Something you, as an interior designer, should understand. 

Part of their job as the AIA, is to provide guidance to their members as it relates to best practices. Example, energy conservation is considered best practices.  These changes were brought about by manufacturers and special niche groups: passive energy, solar energy collectors, HVAC over the last 50 years. Not by the AIA changing building and plumbing codes in 2 years! to benefit a select few.



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