I just read an article in Architectural Record: http://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/11749-architects-propos... .  The article points out the the regulations put forth by the International Code Council says that "where plumbing fixtures are required, separate facilities shall be provided for each sex".  It looks like the LGBT community have now gotten involved in our building and plumbing codes. 

The article goes on to say that "Advocates are proposing changes to the plumbing to code to make modifications (for gender-neutral restrooms) easier.  Last year the AIA (American Institute of Architects) successfully introduced a change to the ICC that would allow the specification of single-user restrooms to satisfy all of a building's required toilet facilities in lieu of separate-sex restrooms.  This will be implemented as part of the 2018 International Plumbing Code.

I wonder what this means for us men?  Will they be taking our urinals away from us?  Will Urinals become obsolete?  Is this another ploy by liberal women and the LGBT community to strip our manliness and make all men sit on a toilet?  Just how far will this go?

Architects Propose Design Solutions for Equitable Restrooms

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I'm leaving the seat up.

haha. nice

I leave the seat up when using a rest room, and I do it for gender equality.  Men wouldn't think of just sitting down without checking the seat position, and women are as smart as men, right?  (Besides, all those years as a child having parents tell you, "Lift the seat up!"  ;)

I still remember hearing out side a port-john the voice of an older woman.  "Oh how nice purse holders".

I know people will think this is weird, but when we built our house, we put a urinal into our boys bathroom. With 3 boys sharing that bathroom, they needed it all the time. LOL Maybe all the men should just pee on the seat and that will stop no urinals real quick!! LOL

Great design! LOL

Urinals are gross.

For anybody with a "shy bladder" or who is "pee shy" (and thus cannot use urinals, sometimes not even public rest rooms at all), this is a condition called officially paruresis.  I found help for my situation in the local chapter of an organization called International Paruresis Association, http://paruresis.org.  Let me know if you have any questions.

"Is this another ploy by liberal women and the LGBT community to strip our manliness and make all men sit on a toilet?  Just how far will this go?"

these are ridiculous rhetorical questions.

This design makes alot of sense for a variety of reasons:


no urinals, but so what?  you can still pee standing up.  the liberal feminist police will not be going in with you to force you to sit down.

I remember some 45 years ago going into the (unisex) "toilette" at the Louvre Museum in Paris.  When you entered, there was a wall over 5 feet high, and on the other side of the wall were urinals.  On this side of the wall were stalls, for women and for men who needed a stall.  It seemed to work for everybody (I had trouble farting though when I knew there was a lady in the next stall because I could see her panties at her ankles).

I do understand what Steve M. is saying and I also understand it. Men of a certain age, like myself, are use to having a restroom just for men. I have seen men changing in our restrooms out in the open and even men with no shirts on shaving in a sink. I think that men are just not as clean as women are and our restrooms are a little bit dirty most of the times. But times are changing and we will have to just get use to it whether or not we want to. 


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