I've got a diver-style sport watch that came with a a black resin/rubber sport band. I'll be picking up a few NATO straps for it because I'm not crazy about the original band. I was also considering getting a band or strap that's a bit dessier or made out of leather. Yea or nay? Any suggestions?


Here are some examples:






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Looks fine to me.

I've always done that. I won't buy a "dress" watch. I don't see the point. Most Rolexes and Tag Heuers don't meet the "dress" watch standard, and look nicer and last longer. They also generally cost more. But hey... whatever... it's not a dress watch right?

So I say go for it... anyone who complains is to much of a douche bag to care what they think anyway.

My watch is far from being in the Rolex/Tag category but it's very similar in appearance. I did a bit more searching through Google Images and that was enough to convince me. I ordered a distressed leather band online yesterday. :) 

"but it's very similar in appearance."

And that's all that really matters. Very few people look at the brand of watch you're wearing. As long as it's appearance is nice.

I've found the only drawback to leather or nylon watchbands is that after you've got them sweaty a few times, they will start to acquire a bit of a stink.

That is absolutely not a dress watch.  Thick, chunky design, rotating bezel, and a date magnifier.


Yep.  100% not a dress watch.


You'll look inppropriate, and all of us watch snobs will be secretly laughing at you behind your back.


But, since it's unlikely that anyone you meet will be enough of a watch snob to even notice, you can be secure in the fact that it looks dress-y.  It's not a dress watch, but it is dressy.  And it looks better than 99.9% of the crap people wear with suits.


I happen to be one who likes the juxtaposition of a sportier watch with dressier clothes.  It tends to give a more youthful appearance, and expresses a more "rugged masculinity" sort of vibe.  But it's got to be done *well* or it doesn't look right.


That watch can definitely sport a leather band and look right.


"That is absolutely not a dress watch."


I know it's not a dress watch. I said so in the title of this thread.




"you can be secure in the fact that it looks dress-y.  It's not a dress watch, but it is dressy"


A dessy-er look for my sport watch was exactly what I was going for.




"I happen to be one who likes the juxtaposition of a sportier watch with dressier clothes.  It tends to give a more youthful appearance, and expresses a more "rugged masculinity" sort of vibe."


Ditto, as long as "sport" refers to something like the pics I posted above as opposed to something like this:



"That watch can definitely sport a leather band and look right."


Good! Thanks! That's what I was going for!


Yes, nothing says well-dressed professional more clearly than an expensive plastic-cased Suunto diving computer on your wrist.  Be sure to wear French cuffs!  ;)


Your watch looks, not just fine, but really very nice.

This reminds me a bit of something from The Right Stuff.  There was a bit in there about how you could always spot the fighter jocks and test pilots.  Inexpensive suit and THE WATCH, which was always a chronograph that told you the day, date, time in Ankara, phase of the moon and oh, yeah, the local time.

I just spiced up my Timex with a strap from these guys:


Very pleased with the results. Quick delivery and the strap is very nice quality. 

Nice. I have a vintage Seiko from the 70s that would probably look good with that rye-coloured strap. 


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