We have a Mitsubishi that had two keys that could remotely unlock the car.

My wife lost her key.

We contacted an independent auto locksmith. He reprogrammed the car so that, if someone found the old key, they wouldn't be able to unlock or start the car. He reprogrammed the remaining original key and made us a new key (non-remote). Everything works great.

My wife lost her key again.

So we only have the non-remote key now. We want to get a second key. Turns out we can get a pretty affordable remote key made by the dealership. (Yeah yeah: hindsight.)

Did going through the independent auto locksmith void my warranty? Will I get in shit if I go to the dealership for a new key?


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Would it depend on if the locksmith was authorized? Eg: some service stations claim they are "authorized" and can work on cars w/out voiding the warranty.

Depends on how the warranty is written.  The only problem you might have is the current key won't match the key information from the VIN...usually not a big problem.  Reprogramming a remote start key won't be a big deal, especially if the "non-dealer" spare you're using doesn't have the remote.

If it's affordable, I'd spend the extra bucks and get two "remote keys" from the dealer.

Read the warranty.


I will. But since it's not right in front of me I'm wondering if this sort of thing is generally known to void some / most warranties.

Buy your wife a bicycle :)


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