I have an image of an ideal America in my mind. In my imagination, it is an awesome and great place to be. I believe in an America that is filled with opportunities and potential adventure, cool urban places and interesting people. Government welfare for the parasites and irresponsible whores and the drug junkies is non-existent. Individuals take responsibility for their actions. Intelligence is rewarded. Work and work ethic is rewarded and not laughed at and scorned. There is much interesting nightlife, the ideal American city is filled with wild scenes and hot ass women with big tits that want to fuck me. In this America I could find work as a street enforcer, I get paid to maintain justice because the police is corrupt and controlled by the corporations and rival mafias. And I have got the skills that the local bosses need. Guns have been banned for a long time and the technology has been lost, so we would have to fight with our martial arts skills and knives and swords and clubs and such weapons. I would be combing the streets at night bringing justice to the pimps that mistreat their hoes and saving kittens in the trees. In my spare time I would race dudes in my blue Camaro and if I win I get to fuck their girlfriend hehe. I would be king of the night, lord of these streets, as captain of a highly trained squad of justice bringers. That is my ideal America.

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I can't help but hope that nothing is as bad as it seems 

It should be noted that the decision to restore the board to the recent activity feed was made in advance of, and independent of this post. Though certainly the feelings of the community in general were taken into consideration in the decision. 

We discussed it last night. My sense was that the divisive election is over, TGD is comparatively well-behaved now, and survey said put it on the feed, so we're giving it a try.

In my view, politics is emphatically not what AoM is about. But if we can discuss it without snits, all gut.

I'm thinking mostly the opposite of what you said.  I find urban areas intolerable, "nightlife" insufferable ... and I rather like guns.  God made man; Samuel Colt made them equal.  And, I find it somewhat encouraging that guys like you can't get laid.

It's also odd that your "ideal" America is corrupt enough to need you to become a Batman knockoff -- with parasites, whores, drug junkies, corrupt cops, gangsters, pimps, and men that gamble their girlfriends in street races ... and lose to a lousy Camaro (do all the better cars not exist in your ideal world?).

Doesn't sound all that ideal.


Nah, bruh, my America is badass. If we work together, we can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN lol.

Man u a weirdo.

Your ideal America can be found in a comic book store; where the boys are.

His account is still active. 

He pops in every few months (probably when his medicine runs out) and lets loose a lot of ridiculous ideas. 

Hm...well, I kinda liked the feudal age...oh yeah, and the church should be all powerful too.

Fantasy and reality rarely align.

Our current America is by no means perfect, but at least anyone who  truly works hard enough can make a living here and provide for a family. That is good enough for me.

My ideal America is the constantly improving one we are currently living in. 


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