I have an image of an ideal America in my mind. In my imagination, it is an awesome and great place to be. I believe in an America that is filled with opportunities and potential adventure, cool urban places and interesting people. Government welfare for the parasites and irresponsible whores and the drug junkies is non-existent. Individuals take responsibility for their actions. Intelligence is rewarded. Work and work ethic is rewarded and not laughed at and scorned. There is much interesting nightlife, the ideal American city is filled with wild scenes and hot ass women with big tits that want to fuck me. In this America I could find work as a street enforcer, I get paid to maintain justice because the police is corrupt and controlled by the corporations and rival mafias. And I have got the skills that the local bosses need. Guns have been banned for a long time and the technology has been lost, so we would have to fight with our martial arts skills and knives and swords and clubs and such weapons. I would be combing the streets at night bringing justice to the pimps that mistreat their hoes and saving kittens in the trees. In my spare time I would race dudes in my blue Camaro and if I win I get to fuck their girlfriend hehe. I would be king of the night, lord of these streets, as captain of a highly trained squad of justice bringers. That is my ideal America.

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My ideal America already exists, its pretty much the opposite of what you said. Its similar in that I feel its a great place to live filled with opportunities and the potential for adventure! Our citizens are diverse and so there are plenty of interesting people to meet! its exactly opposite though that I don't wont chaos in the streets and chu don't have a sex life.

National Socialist fourth Reich in America.
I mean,

You need help. That isn't an idealized form of America as much as it's a campy fantasy, but I'll add my 2¢.

Gun control is a ghost of what we now have, with automatic weapons being legal, and no magazine capacity bans. Drinking age and handgun purchasing age are lowered to the age of majority. I can be buried on my property if that's my last will. Eminent domain and the Seventeenth Amendment are stricken from our Constitution. Homosexual marriage would be outlawed, and abortion as well. Women would not be allowed in the military, save for support roles-- think WWII, to me that is the ideal balance. Seatbelt laws are gone if you're an adult.

Subsidies by-and-large are nonexistent; as are antitrust laws. All private discrimination bans are nonexistent. Government safety and environmental regulations exist, but are far more reasonable. Property tax, income tax, and inheritance tax are all gone. The concepts of Social Security and government welfare/schools would be so alien that it would be laughable. The TSA as we know it is gone.

I am not sure if we should take up Duterte's policy on drugs because it is such a scourge, or go full Darwinist and legalize it all (for adults, of course). Leaning toward the former.

I welcome suggestions on how to deal with this and the other thread, How to deal with not being appreciated.

The delivery in the other thread could use some work, but it's a decent topic. This thread may or may not belong in TGD, but it's not causing any flame wars so far. This of course is up to you and Liam, but I would leave it be if I were you. So far it's doing no harm, and I stand by my previous statement on heavy moderating.

Maybe start with addressing the nazi comments.

My ideal America? One that would let me move there! I've studied in the US before (exchange at TU) but don't qualify for an immigrant visa at present. If I did, I'd be in the Buckaneer Bar in Tulsa tomorrow night. I don't live too far away from Trump's golf course in the north of Scotland, we let him build his golf course, surely letting me live in the States isn't too much to ask?

In all seriousnes, I don't know much about American politics but no matter what country I lived in, I'd like someone of a libertarian persuasion in charge, someone who believes in keeping state interference in people's lives to a minimum and that anything should be allowed as long as it doesn't harm others. For a long time we've had nanny states in the UK, although it isn't quite as bad now as it was - under the Labour party it was almost a police state.

I suggest you might enjoy the Role Playing Game ShadowRunn or Cyberpunk.  That is fairly close to the fantasy world you idealize. 

I see someone came out of retirement to troll some more.  More and more reasons why AoM is basically stale and stagnant now.

Second that. Read up to "wild scenes" and left.

Not worth my time being much here.

Sad but true.

Well perhaps we need to post more to freshen the site up.


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