I'm battling depression at work. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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The "usual suspects" in the AoM Community need a bit more detail.

The "usual suspects" in the AoM Community need a bit more detail.

Hey man, I'm just doing what I really love at work. It's going on my 3rd year. They had me doing more at first...  plus not paid well... sexless marriage... ect

Whoa!  Sexless marriage?  That's your problem, chief.

Meaning your are dealing with depression  and are wondering how to keep it from hurting you at work?  Or meaning you hate your job and it is making you depressed? 

Because those have very different solutions.


I am dealing with depression. I always have been.

I am grateful for my job. But I should never have settled for the salary they gave me. They would not negotiate and I was desperate for the job. Meanwhile I find others got hired at a much higher salary... meantime I have many more skills and experience.

Also, one worker kind of snubbed me as a joke. I still don't know how to take it. Many a jest comes out in truth.

Also marriage... no affection or sex... very depressing.

Thank you for the link. I'll read it.

Read "Feeling Good" by David Burns, especially this checklist taken from that book.


I have battled depression most of my life (heredity; gift from mom). This book was recommended by my therapist. Changed my whole outlook; I'm in my 50s now, and while it's still not easy sometimes, at least I know when to spot signs and try to manage them before they escalate. Keep the faith, man. You're not alone.

And I got a bad boss at work right now too. Merry Christmas....

Tim thanks for that pdf. It looks very interesting.

Just a thought. When was your last "me time" break from work and family?
I mean time when you just spent a day or so doing things you like to do, away from your family and your job.
It can be tough to arrange, but the benefits of getting out of the rut are worth it.
This break can be as short as one day, but the key is that it's just you, your agenda, and away from work and the family.
I do not mean a complete split from your family, but you do need some time just to do your thing and break from your usual routines.
Your break could be a simple taking a walk in the woods, or going on a weekend religious retreat, even going fishing or just reading a book under a tree in the park.

One rule, though. Be sure your spouse has the opportunity to get her break from routine as well.

Good advice. But I tend to be a loner as it is. If anything I need time with people.


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