Gentleman and Comrades, 

For those of you who use a double edge safety razor, I have a question. Which are your favorites? More importantly, what specific qualities of the razor do you appreciate most? 

What design elements people would want if they were to design a new razor?

 With the caveats that it will be three piece and CNC machined.

The reason I ask is because I am currently in the process of prototyping a DE razor that will be made in America. It is important to me that the people who already use one will appreciate its qualities as they will hopefully become the early adopters.

All Feedback is appreciated. 

- Josey

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Jax, Thanks for the response. We will be using 316 Stainless Steel for our original model and we have been playing around with the idea of using Titanium ( Expensive but damn cool) and other metals to achieve different looks etc. Not 100% sure what we will do as far as coating goes. 

I love the idea of offering multiple heads and handles. We should be putting this on within the next few weeks. 

Any good American Made DE's you know of?


Sincerely I like more SE safety razors, but DE are great also. I have to DE. One is a travel 3 piece Gillette from 1972, and the other one is a Gillette that belonged to my great grandfather which i believe its from 1959. I used to use the one from 1972 all the time. But since it was made out of aluminum and it had a short handle the weight and handling was a bit uncomfortable. The one that my great grand father used it was a hole different story . It is a bit heavy and when holding it it feel just right. Even tho this one is not a tree piece I believe you could make something like it. I appreciate a bit of weight in my razor. maybe you could add engravings into the handle to make it unique and more than an instrument an art piece. And sincerely I cant wait to see your product out in the market.

I happen to enjoy a heavier razor myself. Thank you so much for your feedback - it is really important to us. Our end goal is to develop a whole line of men's grooming products. I will keep you all posted on the status and let you know when our Kickstarter goes up. 

Its a pleasure to be in someway part of your project.And as I said before i am anxious to see the final result of this magnificent work of art  your creating 


What price point are you shooting for?  As for design, a safety bar (vs. open comb) head and a deeply textured handle would be nice for me.

Well, we are shooting for under $100 for our Kickstarter. Right now we are still figuring out our costs so I can't say for sure. I will absolutely keep everyone posted as I get more details. 

SS is the way to go. I also like some weight to my razor. I like a handle that is long enough to get a hold of in many different positions. You can always choke up on it. Price point between $40-60 is what I would shoot for. Good luck with it. Maybe an AoM special.


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