Gentlemen, I am trying to learn the chords to the Wolfe Tones rendition of Come Out Ye Black and Tans. Is there a capo used for the chords?

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Mandolin/Banjo Tin Whistle Notes For Come Out You Black And Tans
C C C C C D' C A# G F# F# F# G F# A# A# C B C B C B C D' C A# G A# A# A# A# C C A# G F# D C D A# C D E E D C G F E D C A# C
(Chorus) C C C C C D' C A# G F# F# F# G F# A# A# C B C B C B C D' C A# G G A# A# A# A# A# C A# A# G F# D C D A# C D E E D C G F E D C A# C


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