I realize it's probably just because it's the first week without classes, but I've found that college is relatively boring when it comes to things to do.  I'm out in Pittsburgh at the university and I'm not into parties so I've ended up in sports bars the last two nights watching the games.  Can anyone offer some advice on what to do?

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What year are you? I'm assuming you're at least a junior if you're going to bars but you could be younger...

Either way, you could go out to see a movie. Contact some friends. Where are they right now? 

Try to catch a Pirates game? In person, I mean, not on tv. 

Explore the city. I've never been to Pittsburgh but I know it's a major American city so just go out and explore it. Find a good coffee shop and go there or find a good bar (not a sports bar) and go there. 

You could also ask a girl on a date. Why not? You got nothing better to do. 

Get creative. 

Buy your books and read the first chapter.

Layout and setup your day planner system.

Find and attend the college club fair and find some people with the same interests you have.  You may also want to look on the college web page for a listing of all the clubs as many don't show up to the recruiting day.

After you have done all that, grab a beer.

Work when you can. 

Look.  For.  Internships.

Seriously.  You need work experience, preferably two years' worth.  If you can't find an internship, go do some volunteer work.

I can't help since most of the things I did in my free time (and sometimes when I should have been in class or studying) I would not recommend to anyone.

Get our of the city and go for a hike.

Start an exercise routine.

Explore campus buildings you haven't yet - specialty libraries, the arts center, etc.

In a couple weeks, there'll be an activities fair. If you sign up for everything and anything that looks interesting, those should eat up your free time.

If there isn't a student group that you're passionate about, start figuring out how to start one yourself now.

As David F. points out, your college has clubs, and will no doubt have a get-to-know-the-clubs fair.  You can find things to do and people to do them with.

There are events all over campus, posted on flyers:  entertainment, poetry slams, sporting events, lectures.

Being bored on a college campus is sort of like being thirsty in a bar.


Time is very important. Develop your creativity and your passions.

I don't believe in "free time", because it implies you have something like "slave time" where you have to be a slave and be forced to do something that you don't like to do that occupies your otherwise "free time". I believe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each and every man has the time to do whatever they want to do. So, every second of every minute is free time basically, in my view.

Read.  Especially if you're on a very tight collegiate budget, and your class schedule isn't flexible enough to allow you to work.

Take A Walk.  Can't get better than the trifecta of seeing (not merely looking at) things, keeping fit (OK, it ain't gym fit or running fit, but it beats being totally sedentary), and oxygenating your brain.

Actually, that's what I would do to clear my head why studying. It helped that my school was on the beach: There's nothing like the wind blowing across a frozen bay to wake you up.

Read as much as you can. You won't have any solid free time like this ever again until you retire. Read as much of the canon of literature as possible.


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