I am in the income level where I almost never buy clothing at expensive stores.  The most frequent place I shop at is Walmart, buying especially their store brand of men's clothing called "George."  This is not la-de-da* stuff; it's your basic permanent press clothing that looks all right in most situations.

Imagine how surprised I was to find after I purchased some short-sleeve shirts from there recently to see that they had collar stays.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collar_stays, in case you are not familiar with this men's clothing item from years gone by, I thought.  The plastic collar stays shown in this Wikipedia article are what I found with my shirts.)

Pretty amazing, huh?  Now I have to admit that much/most of the stuff sold at Walmart is not made in America, but I don't have enough money to shop most anywhere else these days -- wish I did!

What do you guys think about this subject, one that is so important that it needs to be discussed at the U.N. and other international sites?  (ha ha)

*I looked it up and this is the correct spelling.  Go figure!

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I mostly agree. But I have found that cheap shirts tend to fit me like a burlap sack while more expensive shirts tend to provide a more flattering fit and provide a better quality of fabric in general.

Yep I'm in the same boat.  I found that Brooks Brothers No Iron are actually no iron and I can get shirts that fit really well.  So I wait for the sales and they tend to cost close to what a cheap shirt at fitting cost.

Just so you know, virtually all button front collared "dress" shirts have collar stays.  (For the fussy, the exception is the button down collared shirt.)

The slightly unusual thing is that you found shirts at Walmart with REMOVABLE collar stays.  At the lower end of the clothing market, collared button front shirts generally have the collar stays fixed in place to the inside of the collar.

A hint, when you lose the plastic collar stays (something of an inevitability), get brass ones.  Last time I had to buy some collar stays, Mens Wearhouse (NO, I don't work for them.) sold nice brass ones in a box of a dozen or so.

You are right: The Walmart shirts do have REMOVABLE collar stays, and now that I think about it, I remember feeling collar stays (non-removable ones) on button front collared "dress" shirts -- I more often than not wear button down collared shirts, and they do not have those collar stays.

Collar stays to help keep the look of the shirt.  As to them being for expensive clothing.  Its just part of the structural requirements for some shirts.

Personally I'm working on tightening my wardrobe down to a set of clothing that provide maximum versatility balanced against goal of minimum space / number requirements while maintaining the style I wish to enjoy.  A good fitting shirt or pant is worth only affording a few good pieces.


I don't think I have ever purchased a button down that didn't come with collar stays.

And the nicest I go for dress clothing is Marshalls. Perks of a field job.


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