I was given a WWII-era folding knife/marlinspike combo as a gift.

I'd like to make use of it, but first it needs some TLC. The grip has some small cracks in places and the blades are tarnished.

Is it okay to use some superglue to bind the cracks in the grip? I'm not sure what the material is. If not superglue what's another option?

As for the blade and spike - what's a good solvent to clean 70-ish years of tarnish?

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Good evening, the issue with the cracks is that their around the bolsters. Superglue just isn't going to help. A two part epoxy is really your only option. If you want to Refinish this knife. You're more than likely going to have to tear it down. That will mean replacing those bolsters. Which is not a huge deal but will be a lot of work for a knife not worth much. Unless it has some sentimental value and you just have to fix it. I'd do something else with it. Maybe put it in a shadow box with some other old Navy memorabilia. Good conversation piece.
If your dead set on this project. Contact Texas knifemakers supply. They're great guys and very helpful. Good luck in your endeavors.
Capt. Charlie


Breaking down the unit is beyond where I want to go right now. I probably won't use the knife blade, but would like it clean. I do plan to use the spike, though. I volunteer on a tall ship, and my spike is too big for some of the shackles and tight spots on lashings - it would help to have one with a finer point handy.

I'm a merchant mariner by profession. My rigging knife is made by case knives. 24 years of hard use. Worth a look


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