I don't know the term for what I want, but:  I'm putting an L-bracket onto a set of bookshelves.  I want to put it on the top shelf, but I don't want that bump you see in the picture, because it'll be inconvenient when putting books on it.  I want it flush with the shelf, which means carving out a space for it in the wood.

What tool would you use?  (And what do I call what I'm trying to do?  Usually I do an Internet search before asking here, but I don't know what to look for?)


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Those look great, Sir! Nice work.

A superior display of minimalism, good Sir.


Well, thanks to the AoM crew, who were invaluable about getting this done.  Dennys and Liam told me about mudding the wall to get it smooth again after I took off the chair rail.  I took Muir's suggestion here about putting the L-bracket under the shelves (the drill didn't really fit, but I'd start the whole and straighten it as I pushed it in, and it was better than chiseling into the top of the shelf).  I think there was another hump someone here got me thru.

This thing has been under way for a year. 


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