I don't know the term for what I want, but:  I'm putting an L-bracket onto a set of bookshelves.  I want to put it on the top shelf, but I don't want that bump you see in the picture, because it'll be inconvenient when putting books on it.  I want it flush with the shelf, which means carving out a space for it in the wood.

What tool would you use?  (And what do I call what I'm trying to do?  Usually I do an Internet search before asking here, but I don't know what to look for?)


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a router, I'm guessing, Or a dremel tool with router attachment.

Where is the picture you reference?

It's on one of the upper shelves.  

Attachment sounds good.  I don't want to buy a new power tool for this job, as I'm unlikely to use it again.

Having viewed the picture, I would say the bracket should go on the underside of the shelf, not the top.

I'd use a more robust bracket, too

For a bracket that size you could probably use a knife and a chisel.  Cut on the outline of the bracket just deep enough and the remove the wood with a chisel.

But a dremel with a router attachment is probably the easiest answer.

One would proffer endorsement for the chisel of aforemention. However, one would likely also enact the outline with the chisel. A mallet for percussion in conjunction with such would likely fail to exist amiss.

In addition, shimming with planes of inclination inferior to the plinth anterior would proffer some small succour to that of desire.

Impressive G.E - Apears you are quite knowledge is this arena of endeavor,  is what I surmise amidst your decorative discourse

Chisel sounds good.  So does the idea of an attachment.

I considered putting it on the underside of the shelf, but there's not enough room for the power drill between it and the shelf below.

You really think that bracket may fail?  I'm very conscious of making things secure, but this seemed strong to me.

I'd use one with two screws per surface (total of four)

You could drill a pilot hole in the shelf where the screw will go, and then use a stubby screwdriver instead of a power tool if space is an issue.

What's the bracket for?  Seismic security?  General anti-tip?

General anti-tip.  Small children in the house, neither of whom will probably climb the shelves, but...


Lots of good answers here.  Just wanted to say I appreciate someone who wants to see shit done right, and not some stupid, half-assed way.  Cheers bro.


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