I'm doing just what the title says--going on a road trip and car-camping rather than stop at hotels.  One reason for doing that is to save money, another is because I haven't done nearly as much camping as I would like to in recent months.  My ultimate destination will be Yellowstone National Park, and I'll be traveling northward through the Rockies.

I'm going alone, and I'm trying to decide what food I want to bring with me (I have a one-burner propane stove).  Breakfast is easy and so is lunch, but supper is a bit of a conundrum.  Normally I can just put my leftovers in the fridge--that's not much of an option here, as space in my cooler will be limited.

So who can suggest good camp food for one person with a one-burner stove?

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I am sort of the opposite when I travel; I'll snack early and make a big production out of supper. I have all sorts of cast iron cookware to play with.

We are about to take a road trip to Anchorage and back. My wife was excited to pull this forgotten 12v gadget out of the boat for this trip: http://www.amazon.com/Roadpro-Liter-Cooler-Warmer-Holders/dp/B000YS... They come in a variety of sizes and prices. This would help you with leftovers both keeping them and warming them.

The other manly option is the old standby of MREs (or the civilian equivalents like freeze dried foods, shelf stably foods, or canned foods.) You might want to make a habit of stopping at fruit stands or curb markets to help balance your diet on the trip.

You could pick up some camping coeds who can cook. Have fun.

You could precreate leftovers that do not need refrigeration.

Depending on your driving schedule there is the old manifold cooking method: http://www.amazon.com/Manifold-Destiny-Guide-Cooking-Engine/dp/1416... Some heavy aluminum foil, hotdogs, potatoes, hotpockets, Cornish game hens, etc....

I was thinking something along these lines--pre-preparing portions into separate containers so all I have to do is pull them out and cook them.  Hot dogs are definitely going on the menu, because the best hot dog I ever had was cooked over a campfire.  Gonna do that again.

Well now if you are planning to build a fire that opens up lots more fun options.


The cooler your camping tricks the better your chances of impressing backpacking coeds.

Curious, what is your point of origin? I assume you have your route all mapped out, and intend to stop at specific areas during the trip at specific times. If so, where will your rest points be at? And, how much do RV park areas cost anyway? I am not familiar with the RV scene but I have noticed that sometimes there will be random RVs parked in some street corner for a day and then be gone the next. Is that normal practice for RVers? I have heard something about places like Walmart parking lots being free places for overnight parking for RVers but I am not sure if this is true or not.


I'm driving out of Lubbock, Texas, and I won't be in an RV.  My definition of "car camping" is loading my gear into my usual car, pulling over for the night in a USFS or NPS campground and setting up my tent near my car.

If you are driving all the way from Lubbock (I got a cool Vaquero and pair of custom boots from there-BTW) to Yellowstone then you might want to drive another 11 hours to Bamff: http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/ab/banff/index.aspx Bamff rivals Yellowstone and is a lot less well known and crowded. Living in Lubbock you probably already have your passport so getting in and out of Canada should not be bad.

There is also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinosaur_Provincial_Park roughly along the way. It is also sort of the Canadian Badlands as well as having neat little "mini-museums" built around the dinosaur fossils where they were found all over. For that matter there are more interesting stops there than I ever have time to see.

What kind of vehicle are you driving?
Burritos are easy if you are prepared to cook rice , pastas are very easy , if in fact you are going to have a camp fire from time to time get yourself a dutch oven and that will open up a world of foods .


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