Can I Get Your Opinion on Something ... Is Gardening Manly?

I was thinking about gardening and how I think it would be better on so many levels if more men did it in today's world. It kind of seems like "gardening" is feminine and "farming" is masculine.

I have a website where we create online gardening course called Organic Life Guru. The majority of our instructors are men (Check out the bottom of the homepage to see what I mean) and the majority of our online gardening courses customers are women.

What's your take on this?

Can gardening be manly?

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That explains the whole "cabbage patch" thingy.

I think it's manly to carry and bond with the baby, and give the wife a break.

I think gardening is classically manly be it flowers or vegetables (which I'm most interested in). 

I dream of someday having a grove of fruit and possibly nut trees and a wonderful garden.  In the movie, It's Complicated, Meryl Streep has a very nice vegetable garden outside of her home that I would love to emulate.  As another said, "self-sufficiency is manly," and gardening lends self-sufficiency.

Pansies or potatoes? Doesn't matter. Of course it's manly. You get your hands dirty, your outdoors, you use tools and shit (literally), and can compete. I still have my blue ribbons for my winning entries in the corn and water mellon classes at the 1979 Havelock Fair. But seriously, gardening covers a lot of activities, from flowers to rock gardens to a large vegetable garden to my favourite, my pot plants (medicinal) that you just have to pick a form of gardening you're fond of and start weeding. And never stop weeding.

so are women who garden manly?

No. Gardening is like athletics. There are manly athletes and sexy feminine athletes.

The very first job any man had was to tend a garden.  It was called "The Garden of Eden."

So we've continued our gardening adventures and travelled to Costa Rica to film this Permaculture Design Course:

Permaculture is equally popular between men and women. 

Here's some of the videos from the course if you're interested in finding out more about permaculture & garden/homestead design:

Invisible Structures in Permaculture:

Here's a link to another video on patterns in permaculture:

Stepping back, what is the purpose of a question?  Is it really always to find an answer to something the person doesn't know?  

Chris Badgett asked: Can gardening be manly? Maybe the purpose wasn't to find an answer to something he didn't know, but maybe it was to generate discussion or hmm, to promote a website (I see nothing wrong with either).  

My bet is that Chris knows and firmly believes deep in his soul that gardening is very manly.  I mean, after all,  he's devoted much of his time to it and has a really cool website with courses.  And look, as of this writing, 2,156 views of his question.  I bet more than a few of those viewers have checked out his website and maybe some have even taken his course.

Way to go, manly Chris!


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