Can I Get Your Opinion on Something ... Is Gardening Manly?

I was thinking about gardening and how I think it would be better on so many levels if more men did it in today's world. It kind of seems like "gardening" is feminine and "farming" is masculine.

I have a website where we create online gardening course called Organic Life Guru. The majority of our instructors are men (Check out the bottom of the homepage to see what I mean) and the majority of our online gardening courses customers are women.

What's your take on this?

Can gardening be manly?

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Manly is about a set of values, about caring and providing for your family, about leaning out to help people less fortunate than yourself, giving and not reflecting on what returns to you. If you do all of that you are a man who can hold his head high, and if you want to knit or do embroidery so be it! You are a man!

Gardening is a wonderful pastime, therapeutic and satisfying, I love to be outdoors with my hands in the earth, love the fruits of my labours whether they are useful or just beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone. I am not a religious man but I believe in God and I feel nearer to the creator in the garden than anywhere else.

Some of the most memorable times with our children when they were small are the times we spent in the garden together and the memories of the childhood delight when they grew plants from tiny seeds and saw them flower or got to eat them. the only parallell with that was taking them fishing and cooking the fish we had caught and eating them outdoors. We are lucky to have a garden, we use it every day 

I imagine there are some nancies who garden and some manly men who garden.

Therefore, the answer is doing gardening doesn't make one manly or non-manly.

Is Gardening Manly? it's growing plants ,nothing more . woman do it and so do men and kids. nothing more or less.

Stewardship is the most manly skill of all... You should see my yard... One look will tell you Mother Nature is my bitch:)

Itt's manly when you grow things to eat, like a farmer

Nothing like feeling the fresh tilled earth in your hands and watching the fruits of your labors grow almost daily.  Nothing like not having to go to the grocery store to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for your family.  Manliness=Creating and gardening is the creation of life.


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