Heard a new one today. "I hunt with a muzzle loader. Took down a buck with it at about 200 yards."


Before that is "We had a sperm donor. Don't tell anyone, but the donor was Don Meredith."

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Now you have me wanting to go out to the range and see if I can beat that with my flintlock.  The rifle should be capable I am not sure about the shooter. 

About a dozen years ago in NC we had a hitchhiking BS artist wander through for a day.   Younger fellow with a fairly fake but entertaining Irish accent.  The sort who promoted himself from a SP-4 in the US Army to a British Major to a Major in the IRA without inhaling.  I realize that this sounds like I am describing a punk but he really was a performer.  Everyone knew that he was "fibbing" but know one cared since he had such a gift of gab.  He didn't leave with any money in his pocket but someone was happy to buy him dinner if they could introduce him to their friends. 

By some coincidence I reenact and was just practicing a new trick making vent pricks and brushes like: http://www.derbyshirearms.com/Products/Accessories/Vent%20prick%20a...(brass)%20pan%20brush.JPG  One of the guys had just cut off his pony tail for a job interview.  I was trying several variations and our visiting raconteur recognized what they were and traded me some little bauble for one. 

He was wise enough not to outstay his welcome and moved on the next day.

Wonder if he ever went anywhere where the locals WEREN'T patient and amused.

You've got me intrigued, Karl - is a buck at 200 yards with a muzzle loader conceivable? (I'm no expert, but that seems like a stretch.)


"I love you."



It is, in my opinion, the biggest BS story possible to tell. But I didn't mean to shut down others' funny stories, just to cut off any one-up-manship.

I forget who said "Women can fake an orgasm. Men can fake a whole relationship."


Think it was Cybill Shepherd.

"These are not my pants.....really, I have no idea how that meth got in there. Someone must have put it there....but these are someone else's pants. I didn't steal them; I found them somewhere....I forget where."

That's a riot. Bet the guy said it with the most wide eyes and sincere face. Are you in law enforcement, Cody?

My office policy precludes me from revealing the nature of my employment.


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