So what do you guys wear to bed? PJ's? Underwear? Skin only? I have been sleeping naked since I was 18 (41 years ago). I find there are several advantages to sleeping in just your skin.

First, getting ready for bed is a snap: strip, brush teeth, pee (hands free) and jump in bed. Done in 5 minutes. (For extra efficiency, brush teeth and pee at same time--hey we're men, we can do that sort of thing.)

Second, after all day wearing clothes, it sure feels great to let my body be free and my skin breathe. If you use flannel (or high thread count cotton) sheets, it feels wonderful against your skin, and as an added bonus, when you toss or turn in bed, it's frictionless, so you don't take half the damn bed covers with you (which is what happens when my wife turns in bed).

Third, and very important, the wedding tackle gets to hang out free and happy.  For Steve Jr. and the boys, it's like getting sprung from prison every night. And since we all get erections several times during the night, your dick gets to stretch out as often as he likes without any annoying entanglements with underwear or shorts.

Fourth, when you get up to pee during the night, all you have to do is belly up to the john and piss away. No need to wash your hands, since you didn't have to use them. No fumbling with underwear to let out the trouser snake either.  Hell, you could practically do this in your sleep.

Fifth, I prefer sex in the morning. So all I have to do is roll over and let Steve Jr. do all the talking.

Finally, I know some of you may be wondering, what  if there's an emergency or you have to tend to a child in distress during the night?  Easy: hang a robe on your bedpost and you're good to go. The other potential issue: what about when it's cold?  Easy again: just add extra blankets or use an electric blanket or mattress pad to warm up the bed prior to getting in.

Well, gents, that's my story.  What do you guys do?

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Usually undershorts and a tee shirt, here.  Just what I'm used to.  Sometimes I skip the tee shirt.  I'm fifty--probably not going to change now.

I've mostly converted to, as you say, skin only.  It took me awhile to get totally used to it - instead of sleeping in boxers.  But overall I now like it far better.

I know it can take some getting used to, but once you do, you never want to sleep any other way. But, as they say, different strokes for different folks.

So you go to bed in your clothes then?

Nothing, since I was a young bachelor. I run hot, especially at night. The sheets are my pajamas.

Until last year, I was a sort of never-nude (to make a reference to Arrested Development...great show, btw). However, I have found it to be rather freeing to sleep in the nude on occasion, especially when it's a warm night. Mostly, I prefer boxers and a t-shirt.

I've been sleeping in the nude for years now.

A long-time buff-at-bedtime guy in all seasons and for all reasons stated in original post.  <{:O)

"Buff Is Best"

I was a sleep naked guy for years. Then kids came along and I sometimes needed to be up and around or occasionally would get early morning visitors. I don't like robes. Kids are older now so it is no longer an issue. Slowly drifting back to nude.

When it was just my first son, I didn't worry about a robe. But when kid number two--a daughter--came along, then I would grab the robe.  Now that it is just son number two at home, robe is still there, but not used so much. But I slept naked the whole time.  When my daughter was very little and she would want to sleep with us during the night--not very often, my wife would sleep in the middle and that worked out well.

exactly same here. nude when sons around.  started putting on robe when had daughter.

Great that you guys are so open with your boys. I was raised that way too.


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