Greetings my find fellows. Two things, firstly, I keep only a short beard, is it worth using a beard oil. Secondly, I use Pararasol aftershave which I'm more than happy with but I would like recommendations for other gentlemanly aftershaves. Thanks gents.

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Being military I do not get the opportunity to grow a beard often so I do not not much about oils for it. Aftershaves on the other hand are fun to experiment with. Some aftershaves work better for me for daily use due to their mild sent and less likely to irritate someone at work, while others I wear for the sole purpose of feeling like a man or date night with the wife. I really like the Gillette aftershave lotion for daily use during the work week because it moisturizes the face and has a mild barbershop scent. On the weekends or when I feel like a little boost is needed to the manhood I prefer Original Old Spice because it has been around forever and is a great scent. For date nights with the wife I really like the Adidas Dynamic Pulse. The women really love that one.

When I had a beard, its wasn't perticularly long, probably 10mm, but whenever I used an oil, I used to get spots, even though the products claimed they don't cause them, so I stopped.

As a recent DE shave convert however, i realy like the Aqua Velva, scent, im from the UK so we dont really have that over here, I never smell it anywhere else. Theres this one I've started using called groomed, it has a menthol and peppermint scent to begin with which is REALLY invigorating, but then smells really clean and fresh afterwards. It's a UK only brand however

I've not personally found a need for beard oils - though it may be i've just never found a good one.

Just keep your beard conditioned, and trimmed (and combed). 

For aftershaves, I've a big fan of Royall Bay Rhum. Classic, and not overpowering. 

When I had my beard, I never used a beard oil. Just a normal shampoo/conditioner when I showered kept it soft and in check. It's a few months gone now, so I can weigh in on the aftershaves as well.

Personally, I cannot stand original Old Spice. The scent is just revolting to me, and any girl I've been with hates it. Ditto for any bay rum, though I must confess to liking Dominica on rare occasions. Aqua Velva Ice Blue is my day-to-day standard, but my date-night aftershave is Clubman Special Reserve. Smells like having a fine scotch with Hemingway while smoking a costly cigar in the world's most luxurious leather armchair. Bonus is, it's strong enough and lasts long enough that I don't need to add cologne. If mixed 50/50 with English Leather, it's nice as well; a little different, but still very gentlemanly and refined. Musgo Real Classic is another special occasion aftershave; the scent is hard to describe, but it's kind of like the bastard child of Pinaud Clubman and citronella bug spray, in the best possible ways. It's also very nourishing to the skin. Osage Rub is one I save for hot summer days, or if I'm feeling masochistic in the winter. That stuff is almost pure menthol.

Before moving into big beard territory, I saw no need for oils. They just seemed greasy, and I honestly didn't have enough bear hair to warrant their use.

Since moving into big beard territory, I've actually done a little bit of experimenting. I use a lanolin based skin lotion, just brushing a small amount through, before blow drying. It protects the hair and keeps it soft.

Does the blow drying help maintain shape and consistency of your beard?


My beard curls into tight little ringlets if I don't apply some sort of product in the morning. Lately, I've noticed that my beard looks "calm" and neatly brushed when I leave the house for the morning, but by the time I get to work, my beard has morphed into an unmanageable lop-sided bush.


I suspect that I'm not drying the beard enough in the morning; and that the unkempt look by the time I get to work is a result of the beard hairs drying oddly while I'm on the train.


Do you blow dry daily?

Mine curls a bit, too, and loses significant length in the process. 


By blow drying I'm taming the curl and helping it look its best.  But no, I do not blow dry daily...only when I want to give it a different and more groomed look.


Beards tend to look fine, in almost any state, so long as they're generally groomed.  I make sure it's "silky smooth" for church, but other than that I usually let it go fairly natural which, for me, means a bit frizzy.  In fact, additional length is helping tame the frizz.


Consider these two photos, taken about a week apart.  These show my beard in its natural state, and today, a day after blow drying it.  Ignore the hat.  I was trying it on.

Cheers guys, very useful.

Hey there! No matter you keep long or short beard, using a beard oil is always recommended as they keep your manly mane fuller and much more healthier. Beard oils provides that extra nourishment for your beards. And yeah Keeping a beard increases youthfulness and brings more virility to your overall look. Other than this, you can also opt for beard spray or creams from renowned manufacturers. Those products smell great and makes you much confident in your own beards. I hope this works for you!


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