Hello guys,

It has been a while since I've posted and I come back to you today to ask your opinion on a small house improvement/alteration.

The house I bought a few years ago has a single small bathroom on ground level with a full tub with a large smoked window in the shower area for ventilation. Having sat and looked at it a time, I wonder if it might not be a better option to tear it all out, replacing the tub with a standing shower and simply walling over the removed window, installing a fan with a light for ventilation.

I've done my homework and this seems simple enough, so my question to you dudes is which option works better in your minds: spruce it up as is, or tear it out and commit to the changes I mentioned.



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I'd hate to give up a window pretty much anywhere.  I'd also prefer to have the option of a tub bath.  So I know what I'd choose.

That's fair. I've been told that the cast iron tub needs to stay, so I'm kind of leaning towards keeping it, although I might put it in the basement and create a new bathroom instead of keeping it in my already small existing bathroom.

I hate windows in bathrooms, but I'm just super paranoid. 

Would such a phobia include those specimens translucent?

There is a modern trend in architecture which creates bathrooms and kitchens without windows and natural light, I hate both, I  like natural light and ventilation.


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