Attractions to other Cultures and Revulsion towards other Cultures

Think about what cultures, other than your own are interesting or attractive to you. What about them is interesting or attractive to you?

Think about what cultures tend to inspire revulsion in you. What about them is revolting or repellent to you?

I think this is very interesting, on both accounts.

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"there isn't a single one which is "supreme", and this tied in with the idea that there were no "universal laws" 

Many polytheistic religions tend to have gods who relate to aspects of a whole. That is, they are all a fraction of the "universal laws" - representing some part of it. Just not imbuing all of it, in one personage. 

I have seen no particular impetus towards scientific rejection in polytheistic hindus vs. more monotheistic hindus. But my sample has admittedly been limited by the individuals I have encountered here, rather than an extensive survey of the question in places with more data points. I'm just not entirely convinced that your premise holds once put to the test. I would, however, be curious to see if the more monotheistic versions of hinduism tend to be associated with higher wealth/caste individuals who accordingly have more education - that difference being more intrinsically related to scientific acceptance. 

The question of superstition and taboo is an interesting one, especially since they are not exclusive to religion at all - and I certainly don't think we can extend to 'rejection of science' 

What are your thoughts on aesthetics of religion?

Are you referring to "religion" as in the organized systems, or in the actual logical truths themselves? Well...

(TL;DR below)

Sarcasm aside, aesthetics is linked to the formal sciences of the universe (mathematics and logic) and concepts of beauty, music, morality, and that universal truth and "God" can essentially be objectively proven via them.

Regarding polytheism, from what I can tell polytheism is logically linked with pre-Scientific believes that there were no universal scientific laws, and that all that happened in the universe was completely "random" and dictated by the whims of pagan Gods. While monotheism is logically linked with universalism; and was essentially the impetus for the knowledge of modern universal scientific laws, such as gravity. (It's tought to summarize what I'm saying, but my argument is that religious "beliefs" have a metaphorical meaning behind them which refers to a scientific truth or falsehood).

My understanding is that even though most people don't have the luxury of being well-informed on these subjects, they can more or less be as objectively proven as true by the experts in their fields as the laws of physics and gravity, so there really is no "debate", since the 'alternative views' ate simply logically impossible, meaning there's simply a lack of information or pure denialism,

This is why I have a hard time being patient when trying to discuss these things with people. I know that's arrogant but that's how I feel and why I get exasperated;


And hell in fairness, I have the self-awareness even it's not that other people are "dumb", it's that even if I was "right" I wouldn't be able to explain it in away that others can understand, so the fault's on me for starting these "debates" knowing they'll just end up in pointless diatribes, yet I keep on doing this... go figure. 

Weren't you banned?

Don't​ you know already? Symmetry is godly.

"What are your thoughts on aesthetics of religion?"


Oh you're that guy.



Pick one.

"the culture of the Hindoo is probably the most thoroughly repulsive on our planet. The more one learns about India, the more one wants to vomit."
HP Lovecraft

To be fair, Lovecraft had nothing good to say about anyone who wasn't as white as sour cream. He referred to bi-racial people of the Southern USA as mongrels. He depicted people of other races in his stories as sub-human. He's not exactly an unbiased benchmark for judging cultures or ethnicities.

I just really like Lovecraft and like quoting him.

Everywhere I've been I've found something interesting about the local culture. The only revulsion over ever had was with the Pashtu. They can be genocided and the world would be a better place.


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