I am working on losing weight and improving my nutrition and have come across a lot of research on the health benefits of plant based diets. I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives, read a book called How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger, and have read a lot of other articles and watched a lot of videos highlighting the work of Dr. John McDougall, Caldwell Esselstyn, Colin Campbell, Dean Ornish, etc.

From what the research I have read suggests it seems like this is by FAR the healthiest diet someone can live. Has anyone else tried this or are they familiar with the research around plant-based diets?

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Here is a summation of the data born out by rigorous study:


Summation provided on the website run by the same guy who wrote the book. You'll forgive my skepticism.

Easy to be skeptical when you haven't even bothered to read it.

Being skeptical of single source citations is de rigueur. I'll do some more research when I have more time. The doctor has a pretty good reputation, though most of the discussions about him do think he cherry picks which data and studies he uses in order to support his veganism. 

And for what it's worth - if the claims in that summary are born out by rigorous study, the website is pretty bad at providing the actual studies and citations. It just links to other topic summaries inside the website. 

Are you talking about "Anticancer"?

The author is trained in the sciences and knows how/where to look for credible sources. I too am trained in science (physical chemistry and biochemistry), and know the difference between a credible university and clinical citation and a junk-science self-published source.

So, no; "Anticancer" is not borne out of one rigorous study, it's borne out of several dozen. Don't ask me, I won't cite them for you.

Within two weeks of adopting this diet, and with no change in medications, my elevated white blood counts returned to normal; and over time, red blood counts and platelets were such that I needed far fewer infusions, with no medical crises to speak of (thrombosis, fungal infections - those things common in immunosuppression). 

So, it turned my health around and has been instrumental in my survival.

I'll have to look more into what he lays out in "anticancer" - I was not able to find much quickly.

Most of my commentary was aimed at the OP and the book and website cited.

We try to eat all the major food groups every week. We will eat chicken, beef, pork, fish, shellfish, turkey, lamb........

I'm seriously neglecting the lamb group.


We had the lamb group last night. Mmmmm lamb chops

Where do you get your lamb chops?  Is there a local meat market, or something?  We usually use HEB.  They have a better-than-decent meat department -- good steaks, chops, salmon, chicken, etc.  -- but I'm not sure they usually carry lamb.  I know Whole Foods has a solid meat department.  Their dry-aged strip steaks are expensive, but damn good. 

The irony of asking for meat market recommendations on a vegetarian thread is not lost on me.  But, it had to be done.


We go to the HEB on Bunker Hill. We had one bad cut once, but that was mostly our fault for not checking the date. Usually have ground, chops and sometimes some other cuts. The lamb is in the butcher section, but not always behind the glass(it is already packaged)

The HEB on San Felipe usually carries ground lamb, and will occasionally have lamb chops. We don't go out there unless we just have to avoid the Bunker Hill location.

Have you ever been out to B&W Meat Market on Shepard? Such a beautiful store, got some deer processed there and picked up a leg of lamb there once.


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