Any ideas of jobs/opportunities to travel (with US or abroad) and meet and interact with a lot of people from different backgrounds

Hi, 23 and about to leave my job as a consultant.


I'm looking for an opportunity which allows me to meet/talk to a lot of people.  Ideally I'd like to travel as well.  I read about WWOOFing -that seems pretty interested and  like I could learn a lot but there's no guarantee that I'd be able to meet a lot of people.  My background is in Econ/Finance, but the work doesn't have to be in this area.  I’m pretty smart (analytical/logical) but my strength is understanding people and I want to work in a setting which allows me to do that,


My goal is to get know what drives people from different backgrounds- and I dunno maybe I wanna write a book, start a blog or something 

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The US Military seems like the only logical answer here....

I recall having to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds just in Basic.  There was always lots of travel. 

That must suck. I have lived in deserts and jungle.....but also a lot of 5 star hotels for months at a time. Damn, I love my job.

Me either. But anyone can try out.

I know few make it; for my MOS we had 19 graduate. I carried some heavy shit on my back. My infil ruck for our culmination in school was 106 pounds. But I only had to carry it for 20 some hours.

I am sure you have carried your share of heavy sh!t though.

I was most definitely in the military (Air Force for 6 years) along with my father being in the Marines (22 years).  I moved all over the country and world as a kid (Japan, Hawaii, California, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and in the Air Force I went to Germany, Italy and Tajikistan).

So yeah, the military is definitely the way to go if you want to see places.

No, MY MOS is the best! I'm so awesome! Sheesh.

Anyways, multitudes of consulting jobs offer internships internationally. Just look in your own industry. 

If not, peace corps and other noble organizations offer up quite the experience.. and could always use qualified people. Being a security contractor works, if you have some sort of experience. 

Don't listen to joining any branch of the military, unless. as worldwide assignment doesn't  always mean 'worldwide' . I mean, the military has done great things for me (a few years in europe and other places), but it's a crap shoot, like I said.

Shane and I weren't in competition for best you win!!!

The Peace Corps offers travel. But if you even think you might want to do work someday that requires a security clearance you may want to avoid the Peace Corps.It's almost an automatic denial.

You will get out of the military what you put into it. I have often told young soldiers that if they don't manage their career then the Army will. And you probably wont like it.

I am glad we are all a big happy family, however, you can count me in on the MOS that carries heavy stuff.

The Peace Corps and Red Cross still do good stuff. It's up the individual on how culturally sensitive they are.


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