Another challenge- what fears have you faced or need to face?

I am currently in Toastmasters because of my fear of public speaking, and it is getting much better. I am afraid of heights so I became a paratrooper in the Army (it didn't cure my fear of heights, but did lessen it). What about you?

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I'm also afraid of heights, so I'm finishing paragliding lessons.. It's an amazing felling to overcome this fear, and flying is so nice. I also tried rock climbing before, but didn't end due lack of time.
Paragliding... very cool. Good job!
I have Ophidiophobia. So, I got some professional help and I paid a snake handler in Arizona to put me in a small room filled with snakes. I can control myself now, in the presence of a snake, but it takes a lot of work.
Wow. Good job!

I don't care for snakes either despite chasing some like a mad man at Ft. Benning due to sleep deprivation.
I'm scared of screwing up and not realizing it until its too late. I have this dream where I am at the driving range wailing away at a ball, and someone runs over to stop me and treats me like I'm nuts, I look down and to my horror I've been wailing on my daughters head. Or I'm digging a hole with a shovel and someone runs to stop me and I look down to find that I am plunging the shovel into someones body and digging it to pieces.
Interesting...You might want to talk to a professional about that one. Just kidding. It is crazy how our fears mess with us and try to control us.
I have a dream every so often of beating the hell out of someone (it's usually someone who has betrayed me in some sense). I wake up feeling a bit shaken up because it's far out of character for me, yet I think it's my brain's way of dealing with frustrations...
what part of your life do you imagine a possible reality?
I am facing the fear of speaking honestly for myself. I have long been afraid of the consequences of my feelings and spent years stuffing it in, to damaging consequences.

I struggle in the everyday practice of disagreeing openly (with dignity, mind you), rather than just going along and being an unfulfilled miser.
It is difficult to tell anymore. I have fears, but they are based on common sense. Those rough-looking guys in the bad part of town may very well hurt me, so I will keep on driving and find another route next time. When it comes to avoiding risks that I think are foolish (it serves no purpose to court getting beaten and robbed, or to have anything happen to those in my care), I will not apologize. Other fears, I believe in facing. Or understanding, at least. I fear heights to some extent, but I realized that I fear ladders more than rooftops. At the overlook at Niagara Falls, I leaned over the railing and saw the people that looked very small down below. My wife? Nowhere near it. I also like the lantern room at the top of a lighthouse, but hate what passes for steps to get to that last point.

Other fears, as I've said, I have faced up to when I needed to. Other fears are still inside me, I know, but I did not find a need to challenge them. My fear of public speaking was overcome with giving lectures in well-populated churches about a controversial topic for which I was prepared.

I do not need to discuss my fear of keyboards.
My greatest fears are to 1, lose my wife and children (not necessarily through dealth, moreso through screwing everything up). My second greatest fear is feeling emotion and being controlled by it, instead of vice versa (ie, to know and understand the heart instead of being afraid of it). The interesting part is that the first fear can be mostly cured by addressing the second, which I have been doing for just about a year now through a fantastic group of men mentoring me, and also by passing that same gift on to men from my group.
I have an extreme fear of heights. If an elevator I am on makes a noise I twitch.

My wife surprised me with a birthday trip to the city to see Chicago at the Ambassador Theater, which I didn't know until then was her first Broadway show ever.

Earlier in the day, she wanted to see the Empire State Building because of her love of Tom Hanks romantic movies, and asked me if it was OK if she went up.

My current profile pic here is of me next to the plaque outside on the 86th floor.


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