This is a follow up to my last post. You guys seem like a knowledgeable and helpful bunch so I'm going to put myself out there.  

Please read my post from yesterday to understand my situation and what I'm going for with my wardrobe plans. 

I took some pictures of myself in various outfits from my wardrobe. After looking at these pictures, I'm actually kind of embarrassed about a few of them. Please don't steal these photos and use them as examples of what not to wear. 

Please do give me some constructive criticism on what needs to be changed or thrown out all together. Maybe I'm even doing a thing or to right? 

Thank you for your time and honesty. 

This is my tailored navy wool suit from a major retailer. I won't say who. Cordovan shoes. 

Below:  Blazer with navy pants and black shoes. Everything off the rack. 

Below: Black blazer, grey slacks, black shoes, light pink checkered shirt. All off the rack. 

Below: A "Linen Look" suit off the rack. I am actually embarrassed that I ever wore this out of the house. 

Corduroy blazer with khaki pants. 

A very inexpensive pair of cotton pants with a sweater vest. 

Denim and a casual cotton shirt. I wear this type of outfit a lot. 

Now we're getting into my casual summer wear. I wear this type of outfit pretty often in the hot Texas summer. 

A little slightly different casual summer outfit. 

This is about as casual as I leave the house. This is video-gaming at a friend's house or a late evening run for ice cream in the summer. 

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My internet connection is pretty slow so I can't see all the pictures, so all I'm going to say is that your pants seem to be too long. Ultimately, where the pant breaks (folds in on itself) is up to you, in that to a certain extent it's a personal style choice. For instance, I prefer a relatively short break:

The break on your tailored navy wool suit isn't bad. You'll notice that there's a whole lot of extra material on your other pants though. 

I"ll reduce the size of the other photos in the morning. They're really the ones I need advice on. LOL

Absolutely agree on the break in the pants, it was the first thing I noticed, and couldn't stop noticing it. A hefty break like in the 'linen' suit shortens your legs immensely (visually) and messes up your proportions. 

Another thing for your blazers and suits: The blue suit sleeves show enough cuff of your shirt. The rest doesn't show that little bit of cuff, which makes it look like the jacket is too large/you're wearing short sleeved shirts. 

Furthermore, I'd say that you should lose the brown sweater vest. Sweater vests are hard to pull of, and a brown one really is the worst. 

The outfit with the rolled sleeves looks very fine for weekends, but you can make it a bit better by rolling your sleeves a bit further. If you roll them over your elbows, the 'bulge' isn't at your belly, but at your chest. It makes your upper arms look bigger, and slightly induces that 'manly triangular shape' because the focal point is a bit higher up. 

Good luck man!

Great advice. Thank you. 

What I understand about the sleeve rolling along with what you've told me is this:

When you're dressed up and want to make it casual, you can roll your sleeves up to the elbows. You only roll the sleeves up past the elbows when you're going to do manual labor. (Such as on the weekends.)  The other bit of advice was from a recent AoM article. 

Thank you, Arthur!

That navy suit looks the best.

The most important remark is already made: your pants are generally too long. Proper fit is the key!

Additionally, linen is difficult to pull off. Especially off the rack. To make it work, get it fitted and slimmed down by a tailor. The green combo with the linen does not do it for me. Go with a simple white (button down collar) dress shirt, no tie. That will give you a semi-formal (but still dressed up compared to others) summer outfit.

Apart from that, the blazer + navy pants combination is the only one I personally do not like. The other combinations are not that bad at all and look pretty good. I'm speaking about the more dressier outfits now, not the summer outfits.

For the summer outfits, I would lose the slippers and get some comfortable & lightweight loafers which you can wear instead.

Thanks! I plan to go with some Navy or tan canvas shoes or some boat shoes that I already own. 

A few comments,

1.  The navy suit is nice, but you should button the top two buttons on it, not just the middle one.  Some three button jackets have lapels designed to be able to roll over around the top button and button naturally at the middle, but yours is not one of them.

2.  Ditto what has already been said about pant length and showing shirt cuff at the sleeve.  These will rarely be perfect, due to shifting as you move, but your navy suit looks much better than some of the other examples you've offered.

3.  V-neck undershirts look better with an open collar than others, as they don't show an unfortunate triangle of white undershirt below your face.

4.  Regarding shirts, those with bottom hems that stay the same length all the way around are meant to be worn untucked, while those that vary (long in front and back, scooped at the sides) are meant to be tucked in.

5.  There's nothing wrong with a t-shirt when appropriate (and gaming at a buddy's place would fit that bill).

6.  Flip-flops below at the beach and few places else.  Get some Birkenstocks if you want to wear sandals, they look and feel better.  Or try a pair of Keds slip-ons (or something similar).

For jeans that dark and tailored, I'd expect a button-down with more body.

Note what was said in the last post about jackets and buttons.

I don't like navy+grey on a man, but it's not against "the rules"

+1 to everyone about the pant tailoring

Tailored jeans? Button-down shirt? Am I missing a picture? 

Yeah, those jeans aren't tailored and I don't understand what you mean by "more body".

I agree with the pants comments already mentioned.

Your jeans seem baggy to me. I had the same problem. Mind you, its been made much less difficult when I got fitter and lose a bit of my lovehandles. Having fat in the middle and no arse made jeans shopping a nightmare. Maybe you should shop around and try a different fit.

The tailored suit. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than I can verify but I think you are suppose to always button the top button.

Also with regards to the jeans photo. Get a shirt that's fitted and able to be worn untucked. Tucked shirts and jeans just seems wrong to me.

My next comment may sound insulting but it isn't meant to be. I'd lose all short sleeve shirts and sweater vests. I ditched all mine for the same reason. Your appearance is a bit nerdy. This is not an insult. If it is then I am insulting myself in the same comment. My cousin looks like a Prince Harry double and when he wears a nerdy short sleeve shirt or sweater vest it looks ironic and pretty cool. Put it on me (and you I think too) and people might start asking do I work for mission control at Houston. Lose the vest and stick to long sleeve shirts rolled up.

Lose the orange shirt. I have some sort of weird fascination with orange clothes. If I simply picked clothes without factoring me into how they'd look I'd probably own a lot of orange. Back when I had my awakening to my malfunctioning wardrobe, my brother was watching me throw out a lot of horrible clothes I had and we were pondering about an orange and brown sweater I got from Brooks Bros. I loved the thing but had to admit it looked stupid on me. And everyone else I knew. We tried to figure who could rock it and my brother figured it out. A guy with black skin. I don't know why. I'm not an artist and have no clue about the finer points of the colour wheel but we concluded that orange can only be rocked by men with dark skin (think of how much orange was sported by Fat Albert's gang and then picture them with pale skin. Wouldn't work).

Finally, I think shorts and sandals belong exclusively on the beach but this conversation was had before and didn't end well on AOM so I'll just mention that its just my opinion and feel free to ignore it.


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