I don't know whether I should boast or be shameful, but I measured myself and I have a head of 7 7/8"  or XXL or 63cm.

That, my good sirs, is a huge globe!

Is a classic hat out of the picture for me?  (Not only in terms of finding a hat that big, but also it terms of style).  I'd like to sport a nice homburg, but I am afraid I will look like a fool.

What should a man with a large head do?

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Get a sombrero.... ;-)

Just kidding - I`m 61 cm around the head, myself, and I wouldn't look for something with a small brim ala pork pies. Full sizes (as in wide brimmed) are good atleast if your porportions is right.

A possibility can also be to get a haircut, one of my former soldiers had a rather curly head of hair and went from the whooping 63 cm to a 60 after a cut and he was by no way skinned...

This is an example of what I mean, little hat, big hair and fella, looks riddicilous (as the character is meant to, he`s from an old Norwegian sit com).
I got a huge melon myself (It looks like Sputnik ;). Wider brim hats have worked best for me. I have a fedora for the winter and a panama for the summar (And a straw hat for yard work). I tried the stingy brim fedoras/trillbys, but they didn't quite look right on me.
(If you are talking about the movie I think you are, you'll get this joke)

Or maybe like an Orange sitting on a toothpick.
I agree. I have a large cranium myself and stingy brims just don't look right. I like a straw in the warmer months and felt when it cools down.
I forgot to add that not only do I have a large melon, I also have a baby face.

Doesn't get any better, does it?

I have the same problem man.. I rarely wear a hat except in cool weather. I grow a beard for winter and the hat seems to go with the beard much better than the baby face.
You're lucky. I can't grow a beard or any facial hair for that matter. It's dark, but scarce. The hair is not very dense so I can't get anything going--even something a simple as a soulpatch (or whatever it's called). I'd love to sport a full beard during the autumn and the winter, but I can't. Life's a b!tch.
I'm a 7 7/8, and although it makes it very difficult to find a hat that fits, I've found that I can look pretty darn good in a hat.

I usually either order mine from Miller Hats or, when I can, head to a little old hat shop in Cincinnati, OH where I can try things on and see what looks good.
Get a hat custom made \. What would life be like if we really stopped focusing so much on what we’re doing and instead started focusing only on who we’re being?
where can I find a hat store that makes custom-made hats?
I have a fairly large head also. My head is 60cm. The best bet is soft felt. I bought a few at Joseph A Banks, they were size large, but ran large. I find that hard felt hats are usually too tight. The soft felt hats are a little mor accomodating.


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