Lately a lot of stuff has been coming over my internet feed about the benefits of an 8 x 8 workout regimen to bulk muscle and lose weight: You do eight reps of 8 exercises focusing on a major muscle group.  Has anyone tried this? Does it work? 

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I've just come off doing a 10 x 10 over the winter; sounds similar. It's not 8 (or 10) exercises, it's 8 (or 10) sets of 8 (or 10) reps of a few basic compounds.
If done correctly, with the right diet and rest, it will work quite well. I've upped my muscle mass while keeping my body fat pretty much the same (while eating quite a bit more).
Some of the sessions were brutal, even for a seasoned gym rat like me. I would add 5-10 pounds each session, and toward the end of the cycle doing squats that way had me the closest I've been to tears in public in a long time.
In short, fun!

My old routine wasn't increasing strength or muscle mass, and was doing nothing for my waistline. I knew I had to change things up. I'm in my second day of 8x8. Worked on chest and abs today. I could barely finish the last set of chest exercises.

That means you are doing it correctly. With this I dreaded training again. Arthur Jones said if you enjoyed a certain exercise you were not doing it correctly.

I know, I know.

I decided against Smolov because of all the squatting. 

If I was a younger man I'd try it, but me and my spine turn 52 this year. It was pretty unhappy with the volume training, which had squats over a week apart. 

I need my legs and lower back for, like, walking and stuff.

Have you done Smolov? Just curious.

Figured, and thank you for that sacrifice.

Funny, met a guy this week doing box squats (never seen them done before).

When asked why he basically told me what you just did, but from competitive powerlifting days.

A body can only take so much.

Better than none at all.

Beginner? Guess so.

I use it as a change of pace every now and then. Good for winter when the gym is cold and food is rich.

But I did start at 135 lbs, and it kicked my ass from the start, so I guess I'm still a beginner too. What I found interesting is the time between sets made a huge impact on the overall quality of the session, and I mean in seconds, not minutes, between them.

I don't think I would recommend GVT to a beginner, that is someone new to squatting, dls, etc. starting strength's program is what I would recommend.

+1 for Starting Strength!

I would agree with this. As long as you are challenging yourself to progress and your recovery is being taken care of (rest, nutrition, etc.) then it will work.

What are your specific goals?  Aesthetics? Strength? Muscular endurance?  Weight loss?  Reps vs. sets will depend on what you ultimately want to achieve.  With 8 rep sets you'll be more in the hypertrophy range (bigger muscles, more "burn").  More than 12 and you'll start to creep into the muscular endurance range.  5 or less and you'll be really focusing on the strength and neurological gains.  Generally, any movement at the beginner, novice, and intermediate stages will produce results.  The key is progressive overload.  Keep adding weight, decreasing rest between sets, increasing range of motion, or increasing volume.  I made the mistake of researching routines and changing too often when I started out.  Keep it simple.  Challenge yourself.   Watch your form. 

Just my $0.02


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