So I have been suffering through a bit of a depression for the past year in in part of trying to get myself to a better place i decided to dot eh 30 Days to a better man. I will be more than willing to do a full recap if anyone is curious, but as of right now i did not complete it. I started is on 1/1/17 and I made it to day 27, however if i am being truly honest, the last day I truly put true effort in was Day 19 Schedule a Physical, and I didn't even do that one because I am scared to go to the doctor. I know it is an irrational fear but it is there non the less. So at this time I am curious if any one else had any troubles completing and do you suggest starting over of just picking up where I left off? 

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I would.  There's nothing magic about the number 30.  Get what you can get from it, I'd say.

But -- scared to go to the doctor... if you don't need to go, fine, but scared?  That's a fear to get over!  And now's a good time.

I can empathize with having some anxiety about seeing a doctor.  I always worried they would find something.  That said, it's one of things you know is the right thing to do, so you just have to push through it and get it done.

Very well said, that is exactly the way I feel, but it is something I have to get done! 


You have a valid point, I guess I should have clarified. I am not afraid of the Doctor like he is a boogie man! I am more afraid of the information he is going to tell me. Again like I said I know it is irrational. 

Yeah, I understood. There's an acquaintance of mine who won't go because he's afraid it'll be cancer. He's lost a lot of weight. It's his business, but...

Just do it, as Bo Jackson would have said.  (Depending on your age, you may have to google that.)

I would do whichever you feel will help you grow more.  Really there is nothing magical about the exact process of the 30 days list.  It is just a way to help motivate and direct you to grow.  If you feel the need to start over and "do it right" then go for it.  If, on the other hand, you feel secure in what you have already done then pick yourself up and get back to it.

And I agree with Sir, part of the 30 Days is to face fears and deal with them.  It sounds like you found a good one to confront.  Go for it.

I am doing it now.  Because of my schedule, I probably won't finish in 30 days.  If I can't get to something, I just put it on my calendar so I know I'll do it eventually.  Being 46, there have been a couple I skipped completely because I already had a good handle on them (like shining shoes, which I already do every week).

I totally understand the lockup.  Especially with being down.  My suggestion is to schedule the physical and get your blood tested for vitamin D and other mood altering deficiency.  Then if you have to tick off each "Day" a week at a time, fine.  I promises we will not care.  Well except for that jackass over there.  Seriously.  Finish the walk.  And its okay to stop every so often.   


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