The style of one man can influence another man or a whole generation of men. Today I'm listing my pick for the 20 best style icons of men's attire of all time, the list isn't from least to greatest just some great men. Please feel free to add some other men on the list who influenced other men with their style lets get started.

Humphrey Bogart
Best know for his fedora, trench coat, and saying "here's looking at you kid."

Cary Grant

James Bond
From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig 007 is the secret agent with style.

James Dean
Started in only three movies but is considered an icon, Dean help give birth to the know classic look of the 1950s for young men. But he also knew how to dress formally.

Neal Caffrey ( white collar)
A criminal consultant with style, "this is classic rat pack".

The men of AMC's Mad Men
Lets be honest mad men made dressing like the 1960s cool again without the hippie look. But some men deserve some individual praise for their style.
- Don Draper: well he's appeared on all the promos for the show, but he's the one who made that look cool again.
- Roger Sterling: three piece suits, double breasted suits, and one liners sterling dresses with confidence and style.
- Lane Pryce: vest with a suit and cool glasses to go with it. Lane Pryce rocked his own British style at sterling cooper draper Pryce

The Robertson men ( duck dynasty)
These men made long redneck beards or mountain men beards cool again.

Al Capone
Fedora, pin-stripped suit, and polka dot tie. Al Capone was a true gangster who meant business.

The rat pack
These men preformed with style in tuxedos!

Steve McQueen
The man who help popularize the "tough guy" look McQueen was a tough guy with style.

Indiana Jones
Cool hat and cool whip Indiana Jones made looking for lost artifacts cool and with style.

The Beatles
Yeah they were considered kids music when they first came out. But they had a unquie style and as their music changed over the years so did their style going from a uniformed look of suits and their famous mop top hair cut, to a more individual style. Hey they even had beards and mustaches.

Marlon Brando
Another guy who popularized the white tee and jeans look. Go from a 1950s greaser to the godfather.

Hugh Hefner
From suits, pipes, his famous red robe, and sailors hat. Hugh Hefner enjoys his "lifestyle" with some style. Sure his magazine doesn't help men become better men, but at least he dressed with style and enjoys some good jazz.

Fred Astaire

Ryan gosling
No explaintation needed.

Justin timberlake
The former NSYNC member who brought "sexyback" with style.

Barney Stinson (how I met your mother)
Suit up because its going to be legend wait for it..dary! As Barney Stinson would say to a man who still dresses like their in middle school.

Jon Hamm
The actor of Don Draper Jon Hamm has his own unquie style but you can some times his the influence of his character in his style and some vintage inspired looks.

John F. Kennedy

So those are my pick for the 20 best style icons in men's attire of all time, do you agree or disagree with my picks? What other men would you add to the list?

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Well since you're using fictional characters I will as well. 

I vote for the Arrow Shirts & Collars man. There was more than one but they were king back in the 1920s.

Don't forget the most interesting man in the world, the marloboro man, and the brawny man before they made him shave his mustache off.

Here's an odd one that can be argued;  John Travolta.

Saturday Night Fever even influenced guys that hated disco music and Urban Cowboy was a big part of the resurgence of faux cowboys in the early 80's.

But I dont know who he could replace on your list. 

I've heard back when Saturday night fever came out a lot of guys wanted travoa's signature white suit for their prom.

I heard someone talking about that very suit on the radio the other day. About how much it sold for. I had to look it up since I couldn't remember the amount. According to The Guardian, it sold 17 years ago at a Christie's Auction for $145,000.

King Edward VII started the trend of leaving the bottom button of a suit undone.

This is a style icon that has change how men wear suits.

Ryan gosling

No explaintation needed.


Explanation needed.


We'll all be better off when Raylan Givens makes this list.



Apparently Ryan Gosling is an actor who used to be in The Mickey Mouse Club.

And Raylan Givens is a cowboy movie hero.

I had to Google them both.

You ought to watch Justified (Givens is a TV character on Justified).  You'd probably like it.  Modern police procedural set in Harlan, Kentucky with a quick-drawing cowboy US Marshal (Timothy Olyphant).  Best dialogue I've ever heard on a TV show, bar none.

I've heard of Gosling.  Just not sure how he qualifies as a fashion icon of any sort.  I can't even remember what movie I know him from.


Does The Notebook ring any bells? It's a very popular movie. I thought he was very good in Fracture, but I don't think it's a well known movie.

Also, he sings, or used to sing, in a group called Dead Man's Bones. And he can sing. He's an all-around talent that one.

My wife spared me The Notebook.  She liked it, though.  I did see Fracture.  I was thinking maybe I knew him as Charlie Prince from the newest version of 3:10 to Yuma.

Prince was a badass in that movie.  But, apparently that's Ben Foster (which I had to look up), not Ryan Gosling.  No telling why I got 'em confused ...

I looked through Goslings IMDB page.  I've seen Fracture and Remember the Titans.  That's it as far as Gosling goes.  Kinda wanted to see Gangster Squad ... because I can't think of a movie with a tommy-gun that I didn't like.


Gangster Squad was pretty decent. It's worth seeing. 


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