Recently I have been rather bored, and I have decided now would be a good time to start pondering my upcoming birthday.  Its still months out, however I decided I would just write stuff down and send it out with my Xmas list, which I usually publish in late October, early November.  And yes, i do anticipate being busy between now and then with School, damn me for taking AP courses lol :).

I was wondering if anybody had any traditional gift ideas that perhaps I should write down.  I was thinking about asking for a few small things such as:  A zippo lighter, a buck knife, a cigarette/cigar and a beer.  Now I will get flak for the last two:  Being officially an adult I figure it wouldn't be a bad time to responsibly experiment (developing taste vs getting blasted)... I intend to go to UK university too so... lol.. 

However that being said I wasn't sure if there were any other ideas.  I am very inspired by the 'men of past ages' and like tradition.  As for any traditional ideas, I am of Irish Decent (Irish American) as well as Finnish and Welsh Decent.

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Decent cigars are a good choice. Don't get a pipe, you're not old enough. I'm saying that because I'm 20, and I'm not old enough. I get sick of 18 year old kids running around with pipes as if they earned them. That's just me though. And if you're going to the UK... yeah start experimenting. I have a ton of friends who went there before they ever drank, and they came back with plenty of embarrassing can't-hold-liquor stories.

As far as other ideas, not sure what you're into, but if you're into old-fashioned junk like me, you could always ask for, say, a record player, a pen set (whether it be fountain or nib), shaving supplies... What are you planning to study? Maybe some books in your field?

Old junk and I are most certainly one...  I do have a fountain pen that I use for day to day writing... cheap (relatively speaking lol!) and not the end of the world if I lose it.....

Are watches something I should look into, or will a mobile phone be appropriate for years to come? 

I myself bought a watch thinking it would never get used. But it really is more convenient than pulling a phone out of your pocket. Also, stylish as hell, and all but forgotten. I've had a $20 Timex for 2 years now, and even though the leather strap's worn, it still looks great.

My parents got me a watch when I turned 18, I picked it out and they payed for it. Six years later it's still my favorite watch and I plan on keeping it forever. I've gone through about 4 or 5 Zippo's in 6 years but thats my fault ( I tend to leave them on the patio or in my pocket through the wash). So unless your very careful and mindful of it I wouldn't plan on having it all that long. A knife would be a good one, I have a fixed blade Buck that me and a buddy both got at the same time and used on his ranch that means a lot to me. If you like cigars (like me) they are always a good gift and you might want to think about getting a nice engraved cutter and humidor with your initials or something. Derek has a good point, to me smoking a pipe goes with a lifestyle that most men under 30 don't live. Shaving supplies is another good one I love nice shave equipment that the razor and brush are something you will have for a long time. Im not into pens but that sounds like a good gift and a record play and records sounds interesting actually. You have  lot of good ideas for gifts I would pick which ones you want the most and will get the most use out of. Hope this helped a little!

How about something like a quality set of tools? I'm not talking like a full-fledged mechanic's set, but a box with a quality hammer, screwdrivers, ratchets and channel locks. I know it doesn't sound as exciting as a flashy lighter ir watch, but learn how to use them and you will score points with the young ladies whose fathers arent around when they need something fixed. Probably score some beer from your mates as well!

I don't know what's available in your area, but around here Craftsman or Snap-On are pretty much quality hand tools.

Ask for something "good."


The transition from boy to man is what you're commemorating...and one of the things that marks that transition is appreciating and accumulating "good" stuff.  Instead of cheap tools, get a good set.  Instead of a cheap watch, get a good one.  A good suit.  A good pair of shoes/boots. 


But the idea is to make it personal.  What do you want?  A good _________?

Hooker, cocaine, shovel, and a bag of lime.

Too bad we're not in a big war, or the government would send you a nice card telling you that you're shipping in 8 months.   Make sure you register, though.  


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