100 Things a Real Man Doesn't Do, by Chad Howse

What is a man? Biologically we know he has a braciole, balls, and hair under his arms. But what makes a real man? Our society is filled with men who aren’t real men. It’s also filled with guys like you and I, who aspire real men, but we don’t always know what that entails.

To identify what a real man is, we’ll look at what he isn’t.

Each of the things a man doesn’t do in the list are not done for the betterment of himself, and those around him. Some of the things on the list are serious, others should be taken with a grain of salt.

Many of them I don’t do, but others I struggle with, and I’m guessing there a few that you struggle with as well. That doesn’t mean we’re not men.

One thing a man isn’t, is perfect. We’re always a work in progress.

There’s necessity in our mistakes. We need them to evolve. We need them to learn, to develop thick skin, and an idea of the kind of guy we’re going to become. Without mistakes we’ll never develop character, toughness, and our own, unique identity.

I write this article as one who is learning how to, and trying to become a better man. Understand that it’s a process that may never be complete. All we can do is try out very best, maintain the right mindset and improve everyday. With that said, let us get into it.

  1. A real man doesn’t whine.
  2. A real man doesn’t worry about that which he can’t control.
  3. A real man doesn’t fear the loss of love. He’s secure in his relationships.
  4. A real man doesn’t wish he was walking in another man’s shoes.
  5. A real man doesn’t watch more than an hour of TV on average everyday.
  6. A real man doesn’t binge drink. Oh, he drinks. He just doesn’t over drink… very often.
  7. A real man doesn’t overeat.
  8. A real man doesn’t cheat… on his lady, or at anything in life.
  9. A real man doesn’t look to others to place blame. He’s quick to accept responsibility for what he’s done wrong, and pass along praise to others when something is done right.
  10. A real man doesn’t complain.
  11. A real man doesn’t hate.
  12. A real man doesn’t wish the downfall of a competitor. He’s confident in his own talents. He doesn’t need another to fail for him to succeed.
  13. A real man doesn’t get jealous.
  14. A real man doesn’t spend more than 10 minutes of non-business related time on Facebook in a day. Ever.
  15. A real man doesn’t quit. Ever. At anything.
  16. A real man doesn’t do or say anything out of spite.
  17. A real man doesn’t do something that benefits him but degrades or diminishes another.
  18. A real man doesn’t ever raise his hand to a lady.
  19. A real man doesn’t use people.
  20. A real man doesn’t ask for directions. He gets lost, swears up a storm, hits his steering wheel, but he doesn’t ask for directions.
  21. A real man doesn’t hesitate to come to the aid of someone in need, even if he puts his own health at risk.
  22. A real man doesn’t judge. He also doesn’t stand idly by as a friend ruins his own life. He’s man enough to jump in and bring a halt to the destructive behavior.
  23. A real man doesn’t let vices run his life.
  24. A real man doesn’t neglect his own health. He also doesn’t let his family neglect theirs either.
  25. A real man doesn’t take himself too seriously.
  26. A real man doesn’t shy away from competition.
  27. A real man doesn’t answer his phone when on a date.
  28. A real man doesn’t sleep more than 8 hours a night.
  29. A real man doesn’t pout.
  30. A real man doesn’t feel sorry for himself, ever.
  31. A real man doesn’t fail to be honest with himself. He isn’t blind to his weaknesses and what can contribute to his failure.
  32. A real man doesn’t let failure deter his effort or persistence.
  33. A real man doesn’t run from his problems he faces them head on. The same can be said for his fears.
  34. A real man doesn’t envy another’s success.
  35. A real man doesn’t live beyond his means.
  36. A real man doesn’t let a woman change who he is – for the worse.
  37. A real man doesn’t change, he evolves.
  38. A real man doesn’t hesitate to risk it all for something he cares about.
  39. A real man doesn’t let comfort zones determine his decision-making process in business or in life.
  40. A real man doesn’t hesitate to get out of his comfort zone.
  41. A real man doesn’t drink and drive.
  42. A real man doesn’t steal. Unless he needs to in order to feed his family.
  43. A real man doesn’t take advantage of others.
  44. A real man doesn’t look for a fight. He only fights if it’s justified and necessary.
  45. A real man doesn’t hesitate to tell his spouse or kids that he loves them, every single day of his life.
  46. A real man doesn’t stare at another woman if he’s with a woman.
  47. A real man doesn’t change who he is when courting a woman.
  48. A real man doesn’t party more than he works, reads, or trains.
  49. A real man doesn’t tell another person how they should live.
  50. A real man doesn’t ever abuse an animal.
  51. A real man doesn’t have fame as his primary aspiration or purpose in life.
  52. A real man doesn’t fail to take care of his family.
  53. A real man doesn’t abandon his family.
  54. A real man doesn’t do what he says others shouldn’t do.
  55. A real man doesn’t fail to learn from his mistakes. No matter how often he continues to make the same ones. He gets better everyday.
  56. A real man doesn’t lead by words alone, he leads by example above all else.
  57. A real man doesn’t impose his beliefs on another.
  58. A real man doesn’t order a drink with an umbrella in it.
  59. A real man doesn’t shave his armpits.
  60. A real man doesn’t spend more time in the washroom than a woman… unless he’s sitting on the toilet.
  61. A real man doesn’t get annoyed easily.
  62. A real man doesn’t rest on his laurels.
  63. A real man doesn’t fear failure.
  64. A real man doesn’t forget his anniversary.
  65. A real man doesn’t ever count himself out or defeated.
  66. A real man doesn’t ever go after another man’s wife or girlfriend.
  67. A real man doesn’t carry his dog in a handbag.
  68. A real man doesn’t worry about what others think of him.
  69. A real man doesn’t wait for a big break, he creates his own.
  70. A real man doesn’t wear sox with loafers.
  71. A real man doesn’t wear sweat pants more than slacks, jeans, or the like.
  72. A real man doesn’t dress as if he takes no pride in how he looks.
  73. A real man doesn’t worry about how he looks.
  74. A real man doesn’t let a woman dress him.
  75. A real man doesn’t let a woman open her wallet on their first date (or any date, but times are changing, I know).
  76. A real man doesn’t sleep past 8 am.
  77. A real man doesn’t explain his joke after he’s told it (something I do after almost every joke I tell).
  78. A real man doesn’t get a woman’s named tattoo’d on his body.
  79. A real man doesn’t think he’s stubborn. Even though he is, very much so.
  80. A real man doesn’t wear pants that are skinnier than his lady’s (hipsters, I look at you).
  81. A real man doesn’t hide his past. He isn’t ashamed of where he came from. Everyday he’s better than he used to be (like Tim McGraw eludes to in this song).
  82. A real man doesn’t regret his mistakes. He appreciates them and learns how they’ve shaped who he is, and who he will be.
  83. A real man doesn’t say no to a beer because he’s worried about his lower abdomen fat (he may say no to a second, but never a first).
  84. A real man doesn’t think his success was achieved by him, and him alone.
  85. A real man doesn’t place his hopes in people or things. Instead in a purpose and a mission.
  86. A real man doesn’t abandon his friends.
  87. A real man doesn’t simply do what’s popular. He does was he believes is right.
  88. A real man doesn’t look for the easy way out.
  89. A real man doesn’t tip less than 18%.
  90. A real man doesn’t say sorry for the same thing more than once. Unless he does the same thing wrong more than once.
  91. A real man doesn’t neglect his personal hygiene.
  92. A real man doesn’t lack purpose.
  93. A real man doesn’t know when he’ll kick the bucket. He lives accordingly.
  94. A real man doesn’t watch more TV than he reads.
  95. A real man doesn’t make excuses.
  96. A real man doesn’t let the right woman slip away.
  97. A real man doesn’t get needy.
  98. A real man doesn’t show off.
  99. A real man doesn’t try to be someone he isn’t to impress someone, anyone.
  100. A real man doesn’t stand idle. He acts. He stands by his morals, beliefs, and who he is at his core. He fights for what he stands for.



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Insecure about being a man?

Not enough to post preening selfies.

Why haven't they banned you yet?  Buzz off, peacock.


10. A real man doesn’t complain

Thats an odd one... unjust bank charges, unsatisfactory customer service? I suppose he may have covered these issues in another one of the 100, but some of them are contradictory.

Fun to read, would never follow or give credibility to the author on any subject nor use these as rules to live by.

A real man doesn't start a "Is ______ Manly?" thread on AOM. ;) 

They never learn. 

I know this cannot be true.  I posted a thread to find the manliest flavor of ice cream (I knew it, of course, but this was a PSA), so clearly it can be a very manly thing.

If it doesn't have chocolate in it, I'm not interested.

I guess there really are no real men left

Maybe not. 


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