Since I've been in Vermont, I haven't been to a gym. I'm actually more active now than I was when I had a gym membership. I play Ultimate frisebee, hike a few times a week, haul wood, canoe, etc.

While I've been getting plenty of cardio work in, I haven't had much strength training. So I've made it a goal to do 100 push-ups a day. I don't do them all at once. I spread them out throughout the day in sets of 10. I'll just stop what I'm doing and crank out 10.

After only a week, I'm already seeing results. I'm stronger and less flabby. After this week, I think I'm going to up to 200 pushups throughout the day.

If you're not a gym kind of man or just can't afford it, I highly recommend doing something like this. it's simple and it works.

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This week in gym class, we had a test. 1 minute of push ups, sit ups, and un-timed pull ups (palms facing away).

I got a little over 100 push ups, 45 sit ups, and 19 pull ups. I was pretty satisfied.

I think that's a great idea Brett. I find that the more I start working out, the more enjoyable it gets as time progresses.
Nice work. For the Marine Corps, you need one more pull-up (dead-hang) and you'll want 100 situps plus a decent run time for a 1st Class PFT.

For the USNA PRT, you'll need to be able to get 100/100 and somewhere around 9 minutes on the minute and a half to get an A, if I remember. You'll want an A, because everyone's fitness scores are posted for the whole semester.
Yeah, I've been working on dead hangs. I peaked at 25 solid dead hangs summer, but got out of the "rhythm" when work, then school started. My running has gotten a lot better, but I haven't kept track of numbers yet. I sort of made the Marine Corps PFT my standard to reach by the end of this year.

Do you remember what most people were getting as far as PRT scores go?
At the Academy (at least from '97-'01) the majority of male midshipmen were 101/101 on push-ups and pull-ups, and around 9:30 (for non-runner types) on the mile and a half.

A good shot PFT score for the type of schools you want to go for and a decent look at The Basic School, you want to have a 275 or better. Realistically, that's 20 pull-ups, 100 sit-ups, and better than 22:00 minutes or so on the 3 miler. But maintain that 25 dead-hang pull-up PR- by exceeding the maximum, you're buffering yourself in case you're having a bad day or an unfriendly PFT monitor. I usually work in a set of 25, 16, 16, 12, 12 at some point in the day, alternating between pull-ups and chin-ups. That way, you know you'll be comfortable*.

* I'm a Reservist, and one with the Air Wing at that, so make sure you talk to a grunt as well.
Sorry, I meant 101/101 on push-ups and sit-ups. You're in good shape, Paul. Your about exactly where I was for my candidate fitness test when I was your age or a bit older, and I did well. Keep it up, max the calisthenics and do well on the runs, and you should be real solid.
when do you do the exhaustion test? right after the last set on the third day or would you wait a day?
100 a day? Is that all? My 11 year old daughter can do that many. A man in average health and fitness should be able to do an easy 200 a day in sets of at least 25. A man in good fitness and health should be able to do 200 a day in sets of 50. A push up (or "press up" for our UK brethren) is a fundamental excercise that shouldn't even be a question whether or not a man can do it, it's a matter of getting off your lazy jelly roll girly ass and beating your face to the ground. 100 a day and you guys think that's an achievment? When you get your weenie arms built to the point of 100 a day then you can use that as a starting point to a man's fitness program and move up out of the woman's category.

Honestly, you guys are killing me with this one. Next thing you know we will see a thread on "achieving" a 1 mile run in under 10 minutes or doing 20 sit ups in one set. Please, men should be able to do these very bottom of the scale minimums without any effort at all. If you can't do at least those simple and basic health and fitness excercises then it should be clear on what you need to work on to improve yourself. None of these things require special equipment nor any gym memberships and they can all be done in your home, 24 hours a day- in other words unless you have a very serious health problem being treated by a doctor, then there is no excuse whatsoever for not being able to improve your own fitness except your own lazyness is preventing you from doing it.
Add a weight vest to your push up routine once you can do 200. I have seen great results from weighted push ups.
Hey Brett,

In your place, I would rather get a full-body routine, like, for example, the workouts Ross Emanait offers.

The problem with focusing too much on one exercise (pattern) alone is you overtraining that muscle group, which will lead to imbalances, or possibly, injuries.

Instead, get an ab wheel. With that one, you can train all your body equally, and not use up any more space than for ordinary pushups.
Up to 75 push ups, close to the goal. I just crank out 3 sets of as many as I can manage at once. Today it was 75, then 60 then 55. I'm also trying to accomplish 50 one handed push ups(on each hand of course)

Sorry to just jump into this discussion but I am an idiot (don't everybody rush to disagree with me now)


I'm 36 and have never done many push ups.  Last Friday (a week ago) a friend of mine who's quite a bit younger and has been doing the 100 per day said something like, "100 a day that's for wimps - I do 250).


So I decided that I could get up to that in a short time.  Well, at 4pm in my office I started (I had to work late and couldn't do my usual routine so it seemed like a great idea to do the push-ups in my office.)


I figured I'd do 60 or something at first in sets of 20.  Well, I had a great time and decided to bust my friend's record, so I ended up doing 251 that night (just to raz my friend because he is always making fun of me for being old).


I was pretty tired that night but felt good.  The next day I didn't have much soreness, the next day after that not much, the third day a little, but now it's been a week and though I haven't had much soreness - the soreness I have hasn't gone away. 


Now I'm a little concerned I messed myself up.


How long does it take to recover when you've really punished yourself?

You just need a little hair of the dog.  Do a couple sets of 20 today and tomorrow.  You'll feel all better.  You haven't messed yourself up.


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