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Gender Identity vs Gender Expression Or How I Figured Out People Have NO Idea What Masculinity Is

Just asking some opinions and experiences of those who may know transgendered people who are FtM. I recently had a discussion with a group…

Started by Andreias

82 24 minutes ago
Reply by Rick Shelton

Moving forward with dating

Good afternoon gents, I've met this girl and we've been dating for a week. So far, we seem to like each other; we work in the same career…

Started by Alex Pape

8 49 minutes ago
Reply by Will

Need Some Relationship Advice

Hey guys, I am in need of some advice of what you guys would do in my situation:  I have recently found out that my girlfriend of three ye…

Started by Josh Billings

37 3 hours ago
Reply by John Muir

Temporary Issues or Just Not Right

Afternoon, Men. I'm seeking a little advice from an outside perspective. I've spoken to friends and family and gotten mixed responses. Th…

Started by East London Gent

7 4 hours ago
Reply by East London Gent

Can owning a cat be manly?

*before I start, I'll say that I wouldn't abandon him ever, regardless of manliness So, I work near a large university with students movin…

Started by M Pumpernickel

20 on Saturday
Reply by Native Son

Responsibility Towards A Brother

Sorry guys but this is a long read. I'd love to hear your perspective on the matter.  My brother: early 30s lives at home (with our paren…

Started by Regular Joe

33 on Friday
Reply by Regular Joe

Proposal - how to approach my father in law to be

Hello Gentlemen, I hope you are all well. This one is exclusively for the men in this community (apologies to any women who have discovere…

Started by Oliver Pope

13 on Thursday
Reply by William Reed

"Pet" Names

Evening Gents, My girlfriend and I have been going out for a couple moths now, and are starting to get to the point where developing playfu…

Started by John Mertz

63 on Thursday
Reply by Jack Bauer

Sister Being Bullied and Intimidated - Brother needs advice

Afternoon gents, first post from my side and hell why not make it an extremely personal one. I need advice from all angles so here goes. My…

Started by Sylvan O'Ryan

27 on Thursday
Reply by David F.

Teen boys today

This afternoon I had the opportunity to read the Dec. 2, 2013 issue of Time magazine while waiting in a doctor's office, and it had a fasci…

Started by David Johns

107 Aug 24
Reply by John Lee Pettimore


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Carl Monster replied to Alberto's discussion Push-ups
"While form is key with any movement, pushups are pretty innocuous when it comes to the ability to get hurt. Only bodyweight is involved. Maybe some knuckle burn?"
15 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Curtis's discussion Can you learn/teach tranquility?
""but I would like to give off an heir of prestige, without putting others off" No you would like to comport yourself with confidence without being overbearing.  English Police: airs not heirs and confidence is the term you want not…"
16 minutes ago
Chip replied to alophant's discussion Acupuncture, massage, and other Eastern medicines in the group Naturopathic Healing
"Yeah, today is the third day we have practiced them in class for myofascial release. I've been doing a cup and drag across some scars from a childhood surgery. It's really beneficial. Also, I just feel great after having it done - even…"
19 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Curtis's discussion Can you learn/teach tranquility?
"I liked Serenity, hell of a good show."
21 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Andreias's discussion Gender Identity vs Gender Expression Or How I Figured Out People Have NO Idea What Masculinity Is
""I don't believe that hormones are that strongly defining" You would be wrong.  Hormones drive behavior and behavior is how the world percieves us. Further if hormones were not that strongly defining how do you explain FtM…"
24 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Alberto's discussion Push-ups
"For pushups the "Optimized Way" is to do them the "Correct Way" other than that it is a matter of your muscles getting stronger and more endurance.  One of the biggest hurdles for newcomers to weight lifting and/or getting…"
34 minutes ago
Carl Monster replied to Curtis's discussion Can you learn/teach tranquility?
46 minutes ago
Will replied to Alex Pape's discussion Moving forward with dating
"Rein in those horses for a few weeks.  If she's for you, you've got a lifetime to enjoy her company."
49 minutes ago

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