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Art of dip pen writing

It is hard to master.

Started by Breezy

6 Oct 14, 2016
Reply by Greg Carter

A sufficiently 'manly' day

My only day off... My brother: "What did you do today?" Me: "I went to a tattoo shop, then I went to a gun store and bought a gun, and then…

Started by Doug Domeny

14 Oct 10, 2016
Reply by Martin Grier

Making bacon

So I read the many skill of making bacon and decided to try it and was wondering if any of you had a favorite recipe you wanted to…

Started by Jbbeer

3 Sep 28, 2016
Reply by Jdub Phx

Knife talk.

Anyone else carry two knives I usually carry my Swiss Army Camper on me but about a month ago I purchased a Kershaw Filter. The Kershaw is…

Started by Michael Presto

45 Sep 23, 2016
Reply by Ranger

DIY Heated Clothes/Blankets?

Have any of y'all made DIY heated blankets or heated jackets/underwear/pants? Supposedly, it's safe and DIY-able, but this is the first I'v…

Started by Mongoose

0 Jul 27, 2016

Happy Father's Day to all men

Every man has the opportunity to be a father to someone, even if they are not his biological children.  There are children, youth, and adul…

Started by David R.

0 Jun 19, 2016

Rows and Bros- The Manly Art of Knitting??

I'm a pretty avid knitter, and I've always considered it to be a feminine past time, but I was doing a little research the other day, and…

Started by Hannah Carroll

140 Jun 2, 2016
Reply by Mongoose

Finishing a Basement: Build Up or Dig Down?

Hey all, I'm in the process of relocating to my Dad's house to help him take care of the aging property. One of the things he always wante…

Started by Mike Verbickas

6 May 27, 2016
Reply by Mike Verbickas

AoM Manly Skills

I'm going to assume that other than camaraderie, most of you have joined the Art of Manliness so that you can perhaps learn some skills tha…

Started by Joshua

7 May 2, 2016
Reply by Rick Shelton

Freshwater Fishing After a Lifetime of Saltwater

Hey Gents, So after spending my entire life saltwater fishing, I am going to add freshwater fishing into the repertoire. Obviously there w…

Started by Vendetta

8 Apr 15, 2016
Reply by John Landes


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Shane replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
"The SEAL died because that's what SEALs train to do. Literally. They're idiots who kill themselves in training on purpose. Beyond that, I don't take anyone seriously who cries "blameshifting" on a successful mission. Beyond…"
1 hour ago
Shane replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
1 hour ago
Carl Byrd replied to Michael D. Denny's discussion Urinating Outdoors
"I grew up in the country like many of you and peeing outside wasn't a big deal. I live in an apartment now. We are looking for a house in town. I can't believe the city and neighborhood rules in some of these places. Neighbors will call…"
3 hours ago
Nick DeChane replied to Michael D. Denny's discussion Urinating Outdoors
"I grew up in the country, so to me it was always a normal thing. When my brothers, cousins and I were younger we would have contests to see who could pee the farthest. Just beware when it's windy out!"
4 hours ago
Nick DeChane replied to Specs's discussion Real Men.
"I disagree with number seven. Men are aggressive by nature and while it isn't always needed, it's a valid way for men to settle problems. To quote Navy SEAL Ryan Job, "Despite what your momma told you, violence does solve…"
4 hours ago
Cletus Rothschild replied to Specs's discussion Real Men.
""And at the same time be prepared to maturely voice your opinions and have logical discussions.""
6 hours ago
blackjack replied to Brett McKay's discussion New Moderators
"it's so cool"
9 hours ago
Liam Strain replied to blackjack's discussion Development of the Automobile
"Dude. These are not discussions. You are copying and pasting entirely from other websites. Use the blog space if you just want to regurgitate wikipedia entries.  Or in this case "the Victorian…"
9 hours ago

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