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What is your dream guitar?

For the guitar aficionados out there... If money was no object and you were buying a brand new guitar, what would it be? I'm particularly…

Started by Jamie Q

24 yesterday
Reply by Rick Shelton

Pickup Lines

    Pickup lines may not actually help you get a girl, but they are fun to use!  What are your favorite corny pickup lines?  And please, no…

Started by Pale Horse

44 yesterday
Reply by Daniel Rodriguez

Beginner Woodworking

Hello Everyone, Growing up i always enjoyed woodworking but only done a few projects so i get the basics but i was wondering. Going into my…

Started by Greg Konrad

13 on Tuesday
Reply by Luke Brown

What's your manly hobby?

I have found that a common factor to well rounded men is a past time which they really enjoy doing, sometimes more than one. A hobby. Perso…

Started by Alex Romo

406 on Tuesday
Reply by Luke Brown

Firearms for the unfamiliar

Basically, despite living in Texas for all of my 25 years, I've never used a gun, handled a gun or even seen one up close. My family has ne…

Started by Morgan Land

34 on Monday
Reply by Lex Goretoy

Can I Get Your Opinion on Something ... Is Gardening Manly?

I was thinking about gardening and how I think it would be better on so many levels if more men did it in today's world. It kind of seems…

Started by Chris Badgett

97 Jul 25
Reply by Patrick Smith


Has anyone experienced or found a source for shorthand lessons or a book about it ?   I write all of my notes by hand and letters on a typ…

Started by Alex Mares

1 Jul 25
Reply by Craig Carpenter II

CB and HAM Radios/Equipment

Hi, my father passed away several years ago and my mother would like to sell his CB radios ad equipment. I was wondering if anyone had any…

Started by John William Cheshire

0 Jul 14

Unclog My Bath!

My bath is clogged. When running the shower, water backs up after a few seconds and the bath tub eventually fills up. The water drains EXTR…

Started by Regular Joe

11 Jul 7
Reply by Regular Joe

Bought a zillion Dremel tool attachments . . .

. . . never used the Dremel tool for anything other than trimming my dog's nails.  ;) Got a smoking deal a set of Dremel tool bits and at…

Started by Regular Joe

13 Jun 24
Reply by terry sperling


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MilkAndWookiees replied to Man O Mission's discussion Have Gun Will Travel?
"Because even a needle in a haystack is too easy to compare for this search for information."
6 minutes ago
MilkAndWookiees replied to Man O Mission's discussion Have Gun Will Travel?
"EXACTLY!! I've scoured the internet for more information about it, and the original post above is without a doubt the most informative source I've yet to find. A certain community-driven internet encyclopedia has a full page on…"
7 minutes ago
Luke Brown joined Andrew's group

Men with Beards

For men with beards to show and share the great life of having a beard. Can there be anything more manly than a beard?
14 minutes ago
MilkAndWookiees replied to Man O Mission's discussion Have Gun Will Travel?
"Firstly, Mr. Baggins (epic screenname, by the way), I'd like to express my profound appreciation for your advice. I was planning to go for a major in International Relations with a concentration in Strategic Intelligence Studies,…"
16 minutes ago
Luke Brown replied to Liam S.'s discussion Ethics - must reads? in the group Philosophers
"Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals is a good one by Kant, which you may have read already.  Aquinas is my favorite, but like Will said, it's based on Aristotle.  The Summa Theologica and Summa Contra Gentiles are both great…"
18 minutes ago
Raymond Feliciano updated their profile
23 minutes ago
Luke Brown replied to Charles Neill's discussion Did Christ doubt The Father? in the group Christian Men
"Christ was probably experiencing what we would call spiritual desolation.  This is when we feel completely forgotten and abandoned.  As humans, this is inevitable.  No matter what our lifestyle is or how often we go to church, we will…"
27 minutes ago
Ben replied to Nick H's discussion Violence by women towards men
"Well isn't that a massive fucking generalisation. "
31 minutes ago

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