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Rows and Bros- The Manly Art of Knitting??

I'm a pretty avid knitter, and I've always considered it to be a feminine past time, but I was doing a little research the other day, and…

Started by Hannah Carroll

120 on Sunday
Reply by Carl Monster

Universal Skills

What I would like to know, and discuss some about, is the concept of universal skills. Those particular skills, that when developed, can ap…

Started by Chu Kim

28 Nov 19
Reply by Regular Joe

Keeping calm in high pressure situations

The other day at the train station I was in a rush to get on the platform and I didn't realise I had used the wrong machine to validate my…

Started by Thomas Loptes

31 Nov 4
Reply by Jay D

Developing a good sense of humor

Does anyone know of any resources about how to develop a good sense of humor? I'm not talking about the Will Ferrel childish stuff, but hum…

Started by TheCommishGordon

7 Nov 2
Reply by Will

Pickup Lines

    Pickup lines may not actually help you get a girl, but they are fun to use!  What are your favorite corny pickup lines?  And please, no…

Started by Pale Horse

47 Oct 23
Reply by Michael J. K.

What do you keep in your trunk?

I joke around with friends that a sure way to tell if someone is a Yankee is to pop their car trunk and look for the bag of kitty litter an…

Started by John Muir

42 Oct 19
Reply by Ron Spears

How can one be funny?

Is it a skill and can you learn it? Are just some people funny and some not? Is it important?

Started by Luca K.

34 Oct 13
Reply by James

How can I make studying and learning a daily habit in my life?

I have been on the self improvement journey for a long time physically and spiritually, however I have a very hard time with traditional st…

Started by David Byrd

8 Oct 13
Reply by Alberto

Recommendations for a 12" benchtop disk sander?

I'm in the process of assembling a woodworking shop, and in the market for a nice bench model disk sander (freestanding models are nice, bu…

Started by Kyle Aldridge

0 Oct 9

Home brewing starter kits

Hello all.  I am planning on doing home beer brewing this fall and was hoping that I could get some advice if anyone has experience.  While…

Started by Stevan Rakic

7 Oct 8
Reply by Lucius Artorius Castus


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J. D. replied to Leto Atreides II's discussion Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
"My parents taught me much the same thing; that Thanksgiving was more about reflecting on blessings/good fortunes (whatever) than sports or food.  This year, I have a lot to be grateful for, such as the good  health of myself, my wife, and…"
20 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to Shane's discussion Secret Lives of Men in the group The Great Debate
""Have you?"  Not in real life but I know that there are some that exist, though they might now use those exact words. Ex:   What I have encountered, however, are…"
24 minutes ago
Rusty Rogers replied to Zachary Warner's discussion Manly Hobbies
"I knit, cook, and garden. All of which are mentally healthy."
41 minutes ago
Rusty Rogers replied to Zachary Warner's discussion Manly Hobbies
"Baking bread is a manly hobby:  consider the fact that, traditionally, baking was a male occupation. Also, women LOVE a man who can cook."
45 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Zachary Warner's discussion Manly Hobbies
"New one, at least according to my wife: baking bread."
52 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Vytautas's discussion What Do We Learn From History?
"Vytautas, The rules of logic have no bearing on the truth or fallacy of the statements.  For example the simple argument of "All horned animals are unicorns, a cow has horns, therefore a cow is a unicorn" is a logically valid argument…"
56 minutes ago
Rick Shelton replied to Steven Carpenter's discussion Trusting Myself
"I think that you're feeling what we all feel when we have a big decision to make, uncertainty.  This arises because we cannot see the future so we don't know how well or how bad a certain path will end up.  To overcome this we…"
1 hour ago
Rusty Rogers posted photos
1 hour ago

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