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What is the cheapest fighting art to learn?

My training routine is based only on lifting weights for the moment. I have been lifting for a long time and am on a deadlift centered rout…

Started by Daniel

11 5 hours ago
Reply by Brown Fox

Health advice/motivation for a young man

So, I have come to realize over the past couple weeks that there are some things that need to change in my life.  My primary goal is to qui…

Started by Johnnie Ray Hockman

13 yesterday
Reply by Brown Fox

Signed up for the Gym. Asking for a Clue.

So my wife and I signed the family up for the Gym. It is a University Gym and it is stocked with more geegads then I have a clue about. Fra…

Started by David F.

88 on Sunday
Reply by Shane


Hi all at AoM The title says it all. As this community is largely based in the US I was wondering what the interest is or experience of cr…

Started by Daryl Millard

23 on Saturday
Reply by David the C

Anyone done Tough Mudder?

I just got done doing my first Tough Mudder this past weekend and had a blast.  Even though my legs cramped A LOT, I would definitely do it…

Started by Jeff Rose

13 on Friday
Reply by AdamR

Do you go all out on every exercise?

Hey, guys. I've been working out about a year now. Since I read the article here on how to do more than one stinking pullup, I've been focu…

Started by Keith W. Roberts

41 on Friday
Reply by Peter Bb

starting to box.

So i am interested in starting to box. but i have a question. I am gay, and I'm worried the guys at the boxing gym might be put off by the…

Started by Christopher McLaughlin

22 on Thursday
Reply by Regular Joe

If you or your family members have a dental emergency

Fierce weather, flu epidemics, gasoline shortages, power outages, and other natural or man-made disasters: you never know when an emergency…

Started by shanell bush

3 Jul 18
Reply by Rick Shelton

Happy 2014 World Cup Everyone! Share your Excitement

Happy world Cup tAoM members whatever team you are supporting!  If you are bored and cannot wait for the show and you want to test your fo…

Started by Ronnie Red

123 Jul 17
Reply by Carl Monster

Possibilities and Motivation for the average man

Hello everyone, I'm writing this post to share with you all my strength training program and all of the different ways I train. I love trai…

Started by Haidar Guide

74 Jul 16
Reply by Native Son


Latest Activity

Jay D replied to Vickyo's discussion Boyfriend has no ambition
"Ask him why it is that he doesnt want to work before christmas. Maybe he does have legitimate reasons. Got people among my year that decided to write the bachelors thesis half a year later just to have a free summer and time to watch the world cup,…"
8 minutes ago
Daniel Rodriguez replied to Christopher Chillingworth's discussion For anyone Interested in a Side Hustle.
"Now that...that really stinks. "
11 minutes ago
Brad Williams replied to Christopher Chillingworth's discussion For anyone Interested in a Side Hustle.
"What pisses me off about MLM is that is all the damage it does to friendships as a casualty of greed.  As a former personal trainer, I saw this in the gym all the time with people selling vitamins and other shit ... even coaches trying to get…"
1 hour ago
Michael D. Denny replied to Christopher Chillingworth's discussion For anyone Interested in a Side Hustle.
""just trying to help others .."   That is the tagline to every MLM B.S. claptrap in the world. If you want to advertise your little cheeseball pyramid scam, contact the site owner and ask him about doing so. Like a man. This…"
1 hour ago
Michael D. Denny replied to Vickyo's discussion Boyfriend has no ambition
"Dump him, and make sure he understands why.   Long and short: He is trying to resist growing up. You're dating a manchild.   Dump him, dump him, dump him. Now. And tell him it's because he has no life goals, no…"
1 hour ago
Kurt replied to Stein's discussion Around the house in the group The Shirtless Man
"My absolute favorite way to walk around the house is completely naked. Not always practical since I love to keep all the windows open when it's nice out for the cool breeze. Theres something sensual about being around the house naked, like…"
2 hours ago
Kurt replied to Rick Stevens's discussion Working Outside Shirtless in the group The Shirtless Man
"I was washing and waxing my motorcycle in shorts and that's it. I was getting some serious admirers. Made me feel good and not so subconscious. "
2 hours ago
Kurt replied to Peter Amara's discussion Shirt Style at Work in the group The Shirtless Man
"I agree with the T-shirt guys. I sweat like crazy all the time. I'm never not hot!! I get a lot of sweat down the swell of my back and between my pecs, which just sits in the hair . I can't imagine ever going t shirt less, which is why I…"
2 hours ago

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