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Dressing in style - what am I doing wrong?

When I was a kid/ teen, choosing some more or less good look has never been a problem (well, my parents were of some help too), but now tha…

Started by George Corbul

22 on Wednesday
Reply by tmntfan

Collar stays

I am in the income level where I almost never buy clothing at expensive stores.  The most frequent place I shop at is Walmart, buying espec…

Started by David R.

7 May 22
Reply by David F.

A Very Specific Request For Watch Nerds

I'm looking for an inexpensive everyday watch with specific characteristics: analog white face "white" metal (brushed aluminum, silver, st…

Started by Lumberjoe

3 May 19
Reply by Jack Bauer

shaving your puberty hair

why do men shave theat hair around thear genitalis? i see this when i am at the gym. most of them are 20 -30 , do anny of you do this and w…

Started by zak

19 May 18
Reply by Ben

Armpits shaving or not?

Men, I´d like to know how you feel about shaving your armpits? Do you let it grow - or do you shave - or trim?A lot of men over here in Eur…

Started by Josh

38 May 9
Reply by Nature of a Man

Beard vitamins? Or other ways to thicken the beard?

Hello mates, Largely, my beard is good.  Not perfect, though.  Very thick on the chin, sideburns good, slightly patchy in the middle of th…

Started by Beowulf87

7 Apr 26
Reply by Michael K. Gillespie

Ingrown Hairs on The Neck

I've been shaving for about 5 years, and have been using a DE safety razor since August '16. I've developed my technique and have tried pra…

Started by Alex

5 Apr 23
Reply by Todd McFarland

How to sell my "teenager" clothes, if possible?

So, about 80 percent of clothes I own are graphic tees, tank tops, skater hoodies, cargo pants, etc. I still wear most of it, I'm 19 going…

Started by Apollyon

9 Apr 20
Reply by Carl Byrd

Beard oils and aftershaves

Greetings my find fellows. Two things, firstly, I keep only a short beard, is it worth using a beard oil. Secondly, I use Pararasol aftersh…

Started by Jai Chipperfield

9 Apr 13
Reply by Matthew D Hundt

Gilets, Bodywarmers & Down Vests

I'm a 6' 2" guy who likes wearing gilets, I own 5 in total. I'm just looking for advice though on what other people wear with their gilets…

Started by Eric W

21 Mar 31
Reply by David F.


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Kit the Odd replied to Xenias Latin's discussion New Leadership Question
"I agree that this sounds more like a management issue than a leadership issue.  I don't really have any good suggestions for management training books. As for leadership, look up the US Army leadership manuals.  ADP 6-22 and ADRP…"
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I know, I know...

I know, I know, I've got a dirty mind sometimes.  But here goes anyway.I passed by the sign in front of a local gym that was promoting how much weight their members had lost.  I saw "Congratulations, Bob Smith!  He lost 75 pounds and 19 inches!"How many men would like to lose "19 inches"?!  Comments?See More
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Jay D replied to J. Exalto's discussion Globalism in the group The Great Debate
"We are discussing two things here. 1. Globalism actually brought as huge relative wealth since the average western household now can afford things that were liited to the aristocracy just 100 years ago. Have you laundry done, babysitters, maids,…"
3 hours ago
Jay D replied to J. Exalto's discussion Globalism in the group The Great Debate
"I agree and being able to patent f.e. new drug recipes is very important for innovation, since there is a lot of money invested. But there are also many areas were patents kill innovation and competition, since they grant a quasi monopoly for…"
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Jack Bauer replied to Nature of a Man's discussion A bizarre dating trend I see
"I wouldn't call it "bizarre", though I think 'shared interests' can be over-emphasized. Shared values are far more important.  Shared goals.  Friendship ... which is different from merely liking the same…"
3 hours ago
Chip replied to Kochak's discussion E AEEEEEEEEE !!!! Kochak here.....
"Welcome, Kochak"
4 hours ago
Lumberjoe replied to Nature of a Man's discussion A bizarre dating trend I see
""To me this just seems... weird, and doesn't seem to jive with history; romantic relationships to me are primarily about attraction and love, and the specific 'activities' you do together aren't really that important,…"
5 hours ago

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